Business in a Social Media World
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What to Learn from the Man Who Managed Reddit's Community of Millions


Reddit is considered one of the world’s leading news and social sites, with over 5.5 billion pages served to over 100 million unique visitors spanning 186 countries. It’s also known as one of the most engaged, vocal and opinionated communities on the web. It’s given birth to international movements. It’s found lost children. It’s sparked fiery debates in the media over what the internet should and shouldn’t be.

Cendrine Marrouat -

Being a community manager is a lot of work!

This feature article on Erik Martin is very interesting and thorough. 

"The best community managers are the ones who commit to reading and listening in all day long to see what users care about, not just checking in when there is a problem. "

Important points in this article: It's about people and don't be a slave to data. 
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Guest post: 5 ways you can use reddit to spark social media creativity


As is the case with anything that is unfamiliar, heading over to for the first time can leave even the most seasoned digital marketers left scratching their chins. Having grown up in the age of social media, it’s fairly easy for me to grasp most things on the Internet. I immediately became the go-to source for explaining anything emerging in my first job at a city office. “How do we advertise on Facebook” or “how do we get more Twitter followers” were common questions. When our site received over 4,000 visits in one day from reddit, my boss asked me to explain “just what the heck is reddit anyway?”
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