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What Marketers Say: Marketing Automation No-nos - GetResponse Blog


A while ago, we reached out to marketers on Twitter to get their take on marketing automation. You can see some their thoughts and tips here and here. Today, we give you a few things from them on what NOT to do when it comes to automating your marketing. Don’t just send   @getresponse also, …
Cendrine Marrouat -

Kind of duh 101, but apparently, many marketers still don't understand that tools cannot replace the human touch.

Good list nonetheless!

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How to Destroy your Social Media Credibility through Automation


Automation of social media activity is not without its price. Brands who automate too much risk appearing cold and inhuman, and can potentially lose followers and opportunities for engagement.
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Gracias Noemí, interesante la pregunta que plantea :)
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Hi joy, who are you asking to write you?
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Joy is a spammer. She won't respond to anyone. She is just here to bother us.

12 Most Effective Social Media Automation Tools for Business | 12 Most


Doug Rice delivers 12 Most Effective Social Media Automation Tools for Business, straight off the conveyer belt.
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