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Scooped by Pierrick Fischer!

STARTUP - Building Your Community From the Ground Up

Jen Sable Lopez Building Your Community From The Ground Up Director of Community at Moz
Pierrick Fischer's insight:

A useful guide to keep track on how to build a community (starts on slide 8)!  


1. Start with goals: engagement, traffic increase...

2. Find the right KPIs

3. Assess your best resources internally: influencers available?

4. Research: competition, benchmarking.

5. Go step by step (celebrate small hard-reached victories) 

6. Build your Social Media team 

7. Test for the largest impact 

8. Improve with what you learn!

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Rescooped by Pierrick Fischer from visualizing social media!

The Formula Behind Facebook Engagement [infographic]

The Formula Behind Facebook Engagement [infographic] | Social Media Tips & News |

Looking to get your fans more involved on your Facebook page? This infographic gives you the keys for it!

Via Lauren Moss
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