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The 2014 Digital Marketing Roadmap

The 2014 Digital Marketing Roadmap | Social Media Superstar |

Sometimes it’s easier to just follow the dotted line as you’re looking to ensure your digital marketing is balanced and complete. This infographic compliments of Two Legit aims to do just that, walking you through your web presence, mobile, ecommerce, outbound, inbound, content and social media marketing initiatives.+

One element lost in this infographic is the ability for all of the strategies to work with one another. For instance, utilizing your content marketing to power newsletters that are optimized for mobile devices. That’s not defined in this infographic but it’s an absolute necessity if you’d like to fully leverage email and ensure your emails are read properly. I’ve written before that the modern digital media consultant is more of a conductor, balancing the volumes of each strategy to make some sweet, sweet music!+

More often than not, we find that the key to marketing well isn’t doing everything… it’s balancing a combination of strategies, amplifying the impact by having them work together, and understanding how much of each strategy to initiate in order to maximize results. That said – this is still a great checklist to go down and ensure you’re not missing anything! This infographic also provides some statistics behind the digital marketing trends.


Via Russ Merz, Ph.D.
Mertens Marketing's insight:

Okay, es ist vielleicht mal wieder Zeit für eine Infografik.

ManufacturingStories's curator insight, August 17, 2014 11:05 AM

add your insight...

Paulo Stamm's curator insight, August 17, 2014 5:44 PM

Excelente gráfico sobre marketing tecnológico.

Steve Whitmore's curator insight, August 18, 2014 8:29 AM

Something to think about??? I need to examine more closely.

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How To Create Effective Posts on the 4 Main Social Sites [Infographic]

How To Create Effective Posts on the 4 Main Social Sites [Infographic] | Social Media Superstar |
It can be tough knowing what works on which social site. This infographic lays it out nicely. It will show you how to create effective posts on each site.

If you want to be very effective at posting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, it can take a bit more finesse and patience than expected. Just like you learn through trial and error what topics your blog readers gravitate to, you have to take time to learn about your social media audiences as well. With this infographic, learn how to create effective posts on each major site to maximize reach and potential.

Via Lauren Moss, Ally Greer, Neil Ferree
Samuel Pustea's comment, July 10, 2013 1:20 PM
Yes, almost all of us post to all of those 4 social media sites. ;)

I love the little details one can learn in making the best social updates int heir network.

Almost all the social updates I do are based on the testing I have done.

Samuel from
Amanda N Snyder's comment, July 10, 2013 3:00 PM
Social networking is a never-ending experiment. You are free to enjoy the journey because there is no ultimate destination!
Antoine Gravet's curator insight, September 10, 2013 11:20 AM

La recette pour créer des posts, publications optimales sur les réseaux sociaux Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter et Google+ avec les créneaux horaires pour être vu. Guide pour le CM à imprimer et à garder sur soi ;)

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Infographic Social Shares Shows Rise Of Visual Marketing [note Pinterest Move]

Infographic Social Shares Shows Rise Of Visual Marketing [note Pinterest Move] | Social Media Superstar |
This infographic reveals some of the biggest recent trends in social sharing, including just how much Pinterest's popularity has grown.


Marty Note
Great infographic from my friend @Phil Buckleyshowing the rise of visual marketing a MONSTER TREND for 2014.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Mertens Marketing's insight:

In Europa werden 47% der Inhalte allein über Facebook geteilt, hinzu kommen noch mal 45% über Twitter. Den Rest teilen sich Google+, LinkedIn und -syurpriz (russ.: Überraschung)- VKontakt, das russische Social Network. Pinterest - obwohl es in USA bereits eine sehr große Rolle spielt - ist im Rest der Welt noch nicht so verbreitet.

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Social Media Greatness In 5 Easy Steps [infographic]

Social Media Greatness In 5 Easy Steps [infographic] | Social Media Superstar |

Marty Note
I wish consistent greatness was as easy to follow as this or any blueprint. I like every idea expressed here, but there is a certain serendipity to greatness that is hard to capture. I do believe practicing like you want to play increases your chances of discovering the magic serendipity, which I realize makes it sound less like serendipity :), but there you have it :).M  


Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Randy Hilarski's curator insight, July 26, 2013 11:59 AM

How to build great content!