Forget Facebook: Google+ and Twitter are the social networks of 2013, says social media mogul Jon Morter | Social Media Superstar |

...While Morter's campaigns began on Twitter, changes in the social networks have altered his approach, with Facebook sidelined in favour of Twitter and the rising Google+.


"It's only going to get bigger," Morter says. "It was a slow start but I genuinely think Google+ is going to be one of the big players. It's so integrated with Google itself now and with their tie-in to YouTube it will get bigger. Unofficially, I believe the Google +1 button really does help your search engine optimisation on Google, I've got no doubts about that whatsoever, so for that side of things I think it's a vital tool."


Google announced in December last year that the number of active monthly users on the site had increased to 135 million. The network integrates with other Google products, such as search, gmail, calendar and drive, and all new gmail accounts are Google+ enabled....

Via Jeff Domansky