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How to create your own audiobooks

How to create your own audiobooks | Social Media Resources & e-learning |
For authors who want to use their own home equipment to narrate an audio version of their own books, or if you want to record your kids reading their favorite stories for posterity, you can do it with a microphone, and iPad and GarageBand.

Via John Evans, Lee Hall
AlGonzalezinfo's insight:

Mostly Mac based but a good resource

Claudia M. Reder's curator insight, May 26, 2013 12:58 PM

What a great idea for ELLs.  Buddies can create audiobooks for those who want to hear and read the stories they themselves have written.


Another way to share our stories.

juanjovilar's curator insight, May 27, 2013 4:00 AM

Herramienta para crear tus propios audiobooks.

Lee Hall's curator insight, May 29, 2013 3:17 PM

Children are also willing to practice reading before they record which helps improve fluency.

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Apple’s Planned ‘IWatch’ Could Be More Profitable Than TV

Apple’s Planned ‘IWatch’ Could Be More Profitable Than TV | Social Media Resources & e-learning |
While Tim Cook has dropped hints that Apple Inc. is hard at work on a television to drive the next era of growth, the company’s wristwatch-style device, still in development, may prove more profitable.
AlGonzalezinfo's insight:

from the article:


Watch Team


Apple has a team of about 100 product designers working on a wristwatch-like device that may perform some of the tasks now handled by the iPhone and iPad, people familiar with the company’s plans said last month.

Robin Martin's comment, March 9, 2013 5:59 PM
Thanks again Al!
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11 Mind Mapping Apps for the iPad

11 Mind Mapping Apps for the iPad | Social Media Resources & e-learning |

Mind mapping is a method that works for quite a lot of people. Brain storming, idea mapping, thought generation, think tanks – call it what you will. Traditionally done on large pieces of paper, why not use your iPad to create mind maps? You could use these for your own purposes, or “convert” those large flip charts into a smaller, digital version.

Via Baiba Svenca
AlGonzalezinfo's insight:

I use mind mapping all the time and look definitely look into these apps. 

Daniela Ayala's curator insight, May 31, 2013 5:45 AM

Mind mapping for Ipad

Lucy Beaton's curator insight, June 25, 2013 10:43 PM


Connie Wise's curator insight, July 26, 2013 6:06 PM

Many are not free apps