Online Ads To Become More Integrated Into Content | Social Media Optimization &  Search Engine Optimization |

Mark Walsh from Mediapost, wrote this piece based on Fred Wilson's keynote address at OMMA Global on Monday.  Mr. Wilson is Co Founder of Union Square Ventures.




Traditional banner ads have long been the whipping boy of the online ad world. Ubiquitous but ignored, the display ad on the right side of the page has given way to a new generation of social-media formats blurring the distinction between advertising and content and promising higher levels of interaction.


 Gearing advertising to specific platforms to improve performance also increases reach; users migrate away from Web portals to social-networking sites, blogs and more narrowly crafted content niches online. 




It's important to embrace emerging digital formats as the Web audience continues to splinter across more specialized and socially driven forms of media. "There's no single channel any more. That's just the way the world is going ... and marketing opportunities are fragmenting equally", Wilson said.

Via Robin Good, janlgordon