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Social Media Optimization &  Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Optimization & Search Engine Optimization
Curated by Anise Smith
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How B2B Content Curation Can Skyrocket Your Business

How B2B Content Curation Can Skyrocket Your Business | Social Media Optimization &  Search Engine Optimization |

If you're still on the fence about the signifigance of content curation and how it can propel your business, this piece from Search Engine People addresses the 7 most common B2B content curation myths and offers bulletproof answers to them.




B2B content curation is not a fad! It's a fact. According to a recent study conducted by MarketingSherpa:


**84% of the surveyed B2B buyers indicated that they are very likely to click through industry news and articles from vendor sources.



****Still, many B2B businesses fall prey to some ethical and SEO related myths that force some of them to avoid content curation altogether!


Here is one myth and the real truth that caught my attention:


B2B Content Curation Myth 2: Content Curation Is Unethical


****There is a huge difference between curating content and "pirating" content!


****Here are some ethical guidelines to help you out:


**Give tribute to the original content owners by mentioning their names linking to their content sources


**Do not republish an entire third party story and make it your own. Simply quote few paragraphs or summarize parts of the content, making a clear reference to the content owners


****ALWAYS create DO FOLLOW links to their content and rest assured that your SEO will remain intact 


****Intelligently building on curated content makes your final output authentically yours. I love that thought!


Key Takeaways:


****More B2B businesses are starting to realize the questionable significance of content curation to their overall marketing strategy.


****If done right, content curation can create massive branding and SEO rewards for your business.


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Media and Beyond"

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Rescooped by Anise Smith from Curation, Social Business and Beyond!

The Zero Moment of Truth: How Search and Social Are Changing The Way To Market

"The traditional world of business we know is changing.


Well-known brands are struggling to get anywhere in the new economy precisely because they are not getting what it is they must do in order to talk to their customers.


A number of global brands, in 2011, suffered humiliating PR disasters because they failed to understand how to use social media.


The picture which is emerging is that transparency in communications with potential customers, responsiveness and the personal touch always win over corporate slickness."


These the critical priorities to attack: 


1. Make SEO part of your company’s DNA: It’s not enough to optimize part of your website or your products or your social media presence. You really need to have optimization as a standard stage of your everyday work. This means that it should be the responsibility of more than one person and everyone in your company should understand what it is they need to do.


2. Employ social media as a stimulus platform: Use social media to inexpensively help your company and brand become known. This means establishing a presence on social media platforms.


3. Make social media marketing part of your company’s work: Again, social media marketing cannot be the responsibility of just one person. They are never enough. It has to be the work of everybody which means that everyone needs to understand what it is they must do and why. This requires that you make social media marketing training part of your internal processes.


4. Create a conversation: Stop thinking about social media marketing as a new format of the traditional broadcast platform and see it for what it is, a stage whereupon you get the chance to foster lasting, relationships with your customers.


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(curated by Robin Good)

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This is a great piece, thanks for sharing it!
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Thank you Marty.
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