Instagram Stories: An exciting new tool for business marketing - Adam Houlahan | Social Media News |
There are more and more methods of digital marketing evolving all of the time – and social media channels are leading the charge when it comes to effective, cost-efficient marketing. Using Instagram for business, particularly if you have an image-based brand, is a no-brainer. And now there is an exciting new feature for Instagram users to embrace: Instagram Stories. What is Instagram Stories? Instagram Stories is a brand new feature on the platform; similar to Snapchat; it allows users to create temporary photo sequences. Instagram users can share various moments of their day, separately from their profile, and these images expire after just one day. Multiple photos and videos appear in a slideshow format. Clever marketers will potentially use Instagram for business because it will go a long way to resolving any issues related to over-posting. Users can share as much as they like in any given 24-hour period; bringing stories both short and long to life creatively, knowing that tomorrow you have a blank slate to begin again. Instagram Stories from people and brands you follow appear in the new bar at the top of your feed. There are neither likes nor a facility for public commentary on Instagrammore info