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ZipMinis: Science of Blogging
ZipMinis: Science of Blogging
You search for the highest quality authors and content online, right? Finding the best is tough. Darin L. Hammond eliminates this stress for businesses across the globe. He rocks professional blogging, writing, teaching, consulting, and leadership with his top of the industry content management service, ZipMinis Freelance Writing: • Creating an optimized flow of diverse, irresistible content for the business blogs, websites, and social media networks. • Orchestrating distribution with supreme content management strategies, minimizing risks and worries for businesses. • Promoting fresh brand content through copywriting and potent interactions in social media communities. • Elevating the brand visibility, integrity, recognition, and SEO of the business. • Working in stride with the innovative leadership of the organization, advocating creative innovation. Darin also publishes on many power sites like Technorati, Blog Critics, B2C, SteamFeed, LifeHack, and Social Media Today.  You can enjoy Darin's blogging styles now at ZipMinis: Science of Blogging. Contact him now at
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10 Social Media Secrets from the Social Scientist

10 Social Media Secrets from the Social Scientist | ZipMinis: Science of Blogging |
Value is the currency on the Web, and the more value you create, the more people will flock to you. It has been said give till it hurts and you will receive it back in spades.


There are some secrets regarding social media that I’d like to share.

I’m a bit of a hard-core social media user and I’ve been doing web and content development for many years now. Because I have been online for a very long time (pre-graphical Web), I am pretty attuned to what constitutes authentic and cooperative behavior online. There are things that set apart the altruistic contributor (check out this cool thing!), for instance, from the self-serving ones (buy my stuff!).


If you do nothing else this year, consider shifting your social media strategy to encompass increasingly pro-social guidelines. The more you give, the more the community will give back, but it needs to be done with a sensitive hand.


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Very informative scoop @Nitesh Amesar
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How to Turn Your Blog Into a Link Generation Machine

How to Turn Your Blog Into a Link Generation Machine | ZipMinis: Science of Blogging |
Once you've created content your audience wants to consume, how can you leverage it for link generation? This post shows you how...


There are many important reasons why one should focus on building an audience on their blog. We’ve already discussed writing for your audience, and reasons to dedicate the time to continue blogging.


With that comes the immeasurable benefits: serving content to your specific audience and catering to what they’re interested in, indirectly selling to your audience, and sharing your brand’s voice.


Then there are the measurable benefits: page views, link generation, conversions and leads.


Once you’ve decided to continue blogging for your business and you’ve created content your audience wants to consume, how can you use that for link generation or content curation beyond what you’re already doing?


Are you Blogging with Intention?


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