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From the article: "Many consumers have now discovered that they can use social networks to actually find a company that deals with the product or service they need. 


So how can your company get to the top of a social media search page?


By using keywords. 


Here are some of the places and different ways you can use keywords on your social media pages.


#1: Find the right keywords for your social media accounts:

it’s important to realize that the keywords you decide to use will be different for different social media accounts. It is not a “one keyword fits all” operation. 


#2: Use the keyword in photo captions:

The goal is to use keywords on your social media site whenever possible. One of the first things you can do is use these keywords to describe your company photos.


#3: Use your keyword when linking and tagging webpages:

Social media keywords generally work best with sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, but this ideas works just as well when it comes to Twitter.


#4: Include the keyword in your headline...


#5: Include your keyword in your summary and “about” section..."


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 Extend your SEO efforts beyong your website to your social networks as well to rank in social search results.

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