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Marketing Master Class: Tapping Friends of Friends - YouTube

Online merchants must tap their networks, empower brand advocates and ask for help. This YouTube Video continues notes for our 4.16 FedEx Ecommerce Summit presentation.

Every ecommerce site has more network than they realize. This short video explains how to tap and empower brand advocates to reach friends of friends of friends.

Haiku Deck
Relates to slide #12

YouTube VIdeo Notes

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Cool Tools of the Week by Robin Good

Cool Tools of the Week by Robin Good | Social Marketing Revolution |

Weekly Cool Tools from The Tool Guy
If you've never followed or read Robin Good's tool reviews they are works of art. Robin is the best "tool guy" on the planet. Robin has started sending out a weekly Tools of the Week email. Here are his selections for this week:

1) Mobile Visitors Insta-check
2) Google Mobile Compatibility Rating
3) Free Live Chat
4) Save & Organize

5) Cloud Storage Cost Comparisons

Foll @Robin Goodand subscribe to his Tech Tool Roundup (couldn't find the link to encourage subscription, so Robin if you read this ping the link to subscribe and will include).

Sign up for Robin's Newsletter Here:

Robin Good's comment, March 20, 2015 6:28 PM
Thank you Marty! To sign-up for my newsletter you can send your readers here:
Alicia Rodriguez Ruiz's comment, March 23, 2015 2:20 PM
My pleasure
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So Wrong Don't Know Where To Begin - Content Strategy vs Content Marketing (NOT)

So Wrong Don't Know Where To Begin - Content Strategy vs Content Marketing (NOT) | Social Marketing Revolution |

The terms "Content Strategy" and "Content Marketing" have become blurred together, yet the two couldn't be more different. Learn what sets them apart.

Marty Note
There are two groups of content marketers. One group CONTENT MARKETS. We would put the outstanding curation skills of @Neil Ferreein this group. The other group WRITES about what content marketing SHOULD BE.

This post comes from group #2. In the abstract everything they say is correct, but in the cold light of actual content marketing they create distinctions without differences.

A website and the content marketing within it are an ant hive. Things are popping, moving and changing all the time. I love the house blue print idea. That''s rich. If you create such static plans please come compete with one of our customers.

Watch Joy Ito discuss the need to become a NOWIST ( )and you will see how absurd attempting to blueprint something as dynamic as the web and your website's place in it is.

Now watch Eli Pariser discuss how impossible it is to reach anyone now in his Filter Bubbles TED Talk ( ) and realize the implication is your marketing is PROXY marketing.

Since you can't get inside the perimeter of new customers due to filter bubbles finding, grooming and empowering brand advocates is a must. How do you map the immediate give and take between you, customers and brand perceptions?

Love this nonsense from the post:

"Content marketing, on the other hand, is typically a soft-sell sales approach to attract customers and retain them through creating and delivering relevant, meaningful content. It’s essentially a combination of sales techniques and organic marketing, all in one. The trick is disguising your efforts well enough that your customers don’t know they’re being sold, but rather feel like they are becoming better informed. In content marketing, you designate specific audiences that you want to “pitch” content to, and once they bite you work to drive profitable customer action through consistently curating content you feel will help shape their behavior to result in conversion."

WOW, that is so WRONG I don''t know where to begin. Tricking people these days is a nonstarter. Read Simon Sinek's Start With Why for a better  understanding of what is happening now and ignore, "the trick is...".

There are no TRICKS anymore. The only trick left is being YOU, sharing YOU and being open to a new YOU thanks to the NOWIST fast feedback loops your advocates will help create.

Neil was kind to this post. Follow HIM, ignore the post.

Be sure to read the great comment by @Neil Ferreetoo reinforcing my belief HE (Neil) is the #mustfollow take away from this post.

Via Neil Ferree
Neil Ferree's curator insight, March 14, 2015 9:55 PM

There are plenty of "experts" that will tell you before you execute a content marketing strategy, you need to know who your audience is and what keeps them up and night and then then just give them what they want.

There's more to it than that of course, but it all boils down to addressing the WiiFM factor. Handle that and your content marketing plan should get the results you seek.

Neil Ferree's comment, March 15, 2015 12:08 PM
Its an over simplification, but my experience shows that the better I get at addressing the WiiFM factor, the more social engagement my CC efforts attract. Like you Marty, I don't believe everything I read on the Internet ;-)
Robin Good's comment, March 21, 2015 4:41 AM
Yes Marty, I am glad you see it too: "There are no TRICKS anymore."
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How To Create A Perfect Tweet [INFOGRAPHIC] via @MarketingHits

How To Create A Perfect Tweet [INFOGRAPHIC] via @MarketingHits | Social Marketing Revolution |
Much has been written about how to write the perfect tweet, from what link shortener to use to how many characters to leave room for retweets.
Now the folks at Neomobile have tried their hand at creating a guide to composing the perfect tweet.

Via Brian Yanish -
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great Brian Yanish share (as always).

Ellen Trottier Stender's curator insight, March 8, 2015 10:46 AM

For those of us who are visual learners, this is a great info graphic on how to make a perfect Tweet!

Pyramid Point Acct.'s curator insight, March 9, 2015 8:44 AM

how to write a best tweet....

Tamasa Nelson's curator insight, March 16, 2015 10:49 PM

Info graphics are a great way to assemble and distribute information, especially data in one document. Teachers can request their students to compile data and create a visual to share quantifiable information.

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Google+ Split: What Does It Bode for Future? via Mark Traphagen

Google+ Split: What Does It Bode for Future? via Mark Traphagen | Social Marketing Revolution |

.Horowitz confirmed that Google plans to split off Hangouts and Photos as their own products separate from Google+. Horowitz will be in charge of Photos and "The Stream," which is what he called the social network part of G+ in his announcement.While Google Product

Marty Note
Excellent post by Mark that confirms G+ is changing but unlikely to be junked. As I heard Mark propose in a speaking engagement - use G+ as a powerful engine and you get views, conversations and a great free tool that works FOR your content not against it.

Marijo's curator insight, March 3, 2015 11:28 AM

I'm always interested in news about Google, how about You? Here is a scoop of a scoop about G+ from Martin (Marty) Smith via Mark Traphagen.


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The $240,000 Nissan Rogue Social Marketing Event That Didn't Happen- Curagami

The $240,000 Nissan Rogue Social Marketing Event That Didn't Happen- Curagami | Social Marketing Revolution |

The day a big company understands social media marketing it may be time to buy water and canned goods and get in the basement. The end of days is near.

As this post shares, doesn't look like the end of days is near based on how TONE DEAF Nissan was to a cool social marketing idea, and idea that would have sold $240,000 in cars and costs...well NOTING.

We may NEVER need water and canned goods...sadly.

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GAMIFY Content Marketing - A Haiku Deck by Martin Smith

GAMIFY Content Marketing - A Haiku Deck by Martin Smith | Social Marketing Revolution |
Successful content marketing engages over time. Engagement needs online community and a role shift from content creators to community curators and GAME creators.
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Year End Cool Tools Report: Twitter,, Gplus & Haiku Deck

Year End Cool Tools Report: Twitter,, Gplus & Haiku Deck | Social Marketing Revolution |

Social Media Marketing Tools
Team Curagami thought it would be interesting to look across the tools we love to use to see who is helping and how much:

Total Views
GPlus: 1.92M Views: 173,000
Haiku Views: 83,464
Twitter: ?

Use Time

Twitter: 6 Years Use: 3 Years
GPlus: 2 Years
Haiku Deck Use: 1 Year

Content Created
Scoops: 6,716
Tweets: 17,300
Haiku Decks: 38
Google Plus: 2,000 (estimate)

Following 34,000
Twitter: 5,355
GPlus: 4,397

Haiku Deck: Doesn't Offer Yet (have talked to them about this)

If your Apples to Oranges warning light is on we agree. There are so many variables with one of the variables being how each of these tools helps the others so comparison is somewhat moot.

That said here are some random thoughts about each social media / content marketing tool:

Twitter = Frustration
Twitter is always 3 steps forward and 2 back. Each day @Scenttrail ( and @Curagaqmi ( )gain and lose followers. Engagement is limited in this kind of "fire hose" marketing and for every 3 followers 2 drop off (I trim with JustUnfollow) despite my generally trying to follow everyone even remotely related who has followed me or us.

When we see Ashton Kutcher has millions of followers and treats what we work at so HARD as a big joke it's frustrating and maddening. I don't think any team can DO WITHOUT the "radio of the web", but its hard to grow a tribe there. Best to use Twitter for what it is good at - informing your tribe about what is happening now. = Following & Future of Content Marketing's ability to form a tribe is outstanding. The stumble comes when we try to figure out how to communicate with, listen to or curate from our followers. We think our "Magazine" Page: @Martin (Marty) Smith should be MORE IMPORTANT. has 1M users now. We would love to see more Hero Marketing similar to what Haiku Deck does so well. Where is the Top Curators list? Where are the stats showing the Top Scoops of 2014 on a variety of dimensions (share, links, views)? is sitting in the catbird seat since content curation is about to be the big win, but we would love a more proactive stance from Team That said, they've been KIND and GENEROUS adopting me despite tough financial times due to cancer treatments. Like Haiku Deck has a great team and they will figure it out.

Goole Plus
We LOVE Google Plus, but losing the charismatic leader Vic Gundotra was a shock. I love hangouts, but they are not enterprise ready full of creaks, pops and cracks when used. Not easy either. GPlus has a LEARNING CURVE.

On the positive side IT'S GOOGLE. I don't know anywhere else where a following of less than 5,000 can generate page views close to 2M. Content on Google gets seen, commented on and that's worth our investment and continued learning. 

Haiku Deck
For team Curagami the real revelation is Haiku Deck. We get MORE for LESS with Haiku Deck than any other social media tool (period, full stop). The fact that our decks, even the old sleepy ones, continue to generate new views is amazing.

Haiku Deck's adoption of our favorite online community / Hero Marketing idea is why our 38 decks are slouching toward 100,00 views after only a year and much less ditch digging than our first two years on We created a Haiku Deck about their creation of online community:

Haiku Deck Model

Yes, Haiku Deck is being helped by the entire ecosystem especially, but if you have ONE thing you can do create decks and pray.

Because no one can do ONE THING anymore (sadly). What about you? What are your favorite social media tools and why?

Neil Ferree's curator insight, December 31, 2014 4:58 PM

Metrics that Matter from an A+ Content Curator @Martin (Marty) Smith

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7 Social Media Tools That Make an Impression via Business 2 Community

7 Social Media Tools That Make an Impression via Business 2 Community | Social Marketing Revolution |

Level up your brand by getting social Twenty years ago, GeoCities made its online debut. As one of the world’s first social media communities, GeoCities set the benchmark for future sites like…

Marty Note
Agree, half of these tools were new to me and I do this (social media curation and marketing) for a living. Great post. Note: I changed the graphic from the original Scoop since the Sales Force ad wasn't related to the B2C post.

Via Mike Milazzo
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A Social Media Marketing Infographic For the Unbelievers (& God Help 'em)

A Social Media Marketing Infographic For the Unbelievers (& God Help 'em) | Social Marketing Revolution |
Great social media marketing infographic to convince any unbelievers (and good help 'em).
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Connection: The New Ecommerce - A Haiku Deck by Martin Smith

Connection: The New Ecommerce - A Haiku Deck by Martin Smith | Social Marketing Revolution |
Connection, our human ability to listen, share and respond, is the new ecommerce. This Haiku Deck is in support of Marty Smith's Keynote talk at FedEx Connection Conference 7.30.14.
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Invisible Giant of the New SEO via @HaikuDeck

Invisible Giant of the New SEO via @HaikuDeck | Social Marketing Revolution |
There is a new invisible giant, a giant using 5 "tricks" so the "new seo" is hard and harder to see and understand. This Haiku Deck and Curatti blog post is about how to see the invisible giant. How to win hearts, minds and loyalty online.
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I spent 48 hours on Ello. This is what I saw via @malekalby

I spent 48 hours on Ello. This is what I saw via @malekalby | Social Marketing Revolution |

 Ello is currently in beta, and we are inviting new users in small groups as we roll out new features.

Marty Note
Fellow Scoopiteer @malek
post notes favorable disposition to the ad free nature of Ellow, but doubts the nascent social net is ready to de-throne Facebook. Others agree: .

I will weigh in once I get my double secret beta login (and if that last statement sounds frustrated already you are correct).

Via malek
malek's curator insight, October 1, 2014 6:17 PM

Top secret new social media. Going back to the ad-free model, that may be the secret behind the rapid expansion of Ello. But too early to name Ello as the killer of Facebook.

[url=/u/129000 x-already-notified=1]Martin (Marty) Smith[/url] called it the new/better Facebook here

Adlava's curator insight, October 2, 2014 5:56 PM

Haven't heard of a lot of these, thanks for sharing, @Martin (Marty) Smith

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How to Craft a Killer Twitter Advertising Campaign via @simonowens

How to Craft a Killer Twitter Advertising Campaign via @simonowens | Social Marketing Revolution |

In terms of granular targeting of your messaging, few platforms are more effective than Twitter. Using its various advertising tools, you can boost your posts to place them in front of your targeted demographics, create a trending hashtag, or even target users who are watching a particular piece of live television programming.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great insight here in how to use Twitter and Twitter's tools to get your landing pages in front of the buyers you've been looking for.

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Revolution #9: Free Social Media Analytics Tools via @Curagami

Revolution #9: Free Social Media Analytics Tools via @Curagami | Social Marketing Revolution |
9 Free Social Media Analytics Tools feature everything from Klout to Addictomatic. Most new to us, but worth checkout out.
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4 questions to expert content curator Martin W. Smith with Cendrine Marrouat

4 questions to expert content curator Martin W. Smith with Cendrine Marrouat | Social Marketing Revolution |

This week, I'm stoked to feature uber content curator and friend @Martin (Marty) Smith on the blog. 

His answers will make you want to start curating right away if you have never done it. 

An excellent interview!

Read it at


Cendrine Marrouat

Via Cendrine Marrouat -
Antonio Herrera's curator insight, April 2, 10:41 AM

Hi Martin, I think that your topic is very noble, and I'd like to ask you how I will begin to make some work about the "Climate Change"

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Social Media Marketing A Waste? Nope & Harvard = Wrong via @Curagami

Social Media Marketing A Waste? Nope & Harvard = Wrong via @Curagami | Social Marketing Revolution |

A prominent author tells brands that social media will not help their bottom line. Marketing leaders think differently.

Marty Note
Don't be fooled by nattering nabobs of negativity. Social media is changing the world and marketing at its core. Here's why....

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The New Rules of Sales & Service - David Meerman Scott

The New Rules of Sales & Service - David Meerman Scott | Social Marketing Revolution |

Today anyone working in sales or customer service needs to possess entirely new skills. Unfortunately most organizations are still using traditional selling and service models developed for a different time.

Marty Note
David does it again. If you've read the #mustread New Rules of PR you know David Meerman Scott knows his stuff. He extends his "rules" to sales and service in this new book providing great insight on how to sell TODAY and why social media is about more than follows and Retweets. Great book and highly recommend just as New Rules of PR and NewsJacking are.

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30 Twitter Tools To Boost Marketing Results In 2015

30 Twitter Tools To Boost Marketing Results In 2015 | Social Marketing Revolution |

This article covers the best Twitter tools to use in 2015 for getting better marketing results. If you want to get the most out of this year: click now!

Great list of "new to me" Twitter tools. Twitter is the "radio of the web" and so indispensable to an online marketing strategy. Content evolves, changes and spins. As it does so always good idea to share the latest revolutions on Twitter.

Just don't forget to curate content from from other trusted sources related to your brands and don't push too hard. Twitter is like water - hard to hold in your hand and always flowing  downstream.

Via Levent Cem Aydan
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Social Media Marketing...Because Your Past Doesn't Scale

Social Media Marketing...Because Your Past Doesn't Scale | Social Marketing Revolution |

Social Media Doubters Begone
Created an interesting spontaneous "campaign" for New Years. New Years day is my birthday. It is my father's birthday too. After a great suggestion from @Kelly HungerfordI set up a spontaneous event.

Every Happy Birth generated a $10 donation to Dr. John Byrd's work at the James Cancer Center at Ohio State where I'm being treated for the leukemia my father and I share.

After the event I created a report showing where my 72 Happy Birthdays came from:

33% Came from Social Media Friends (many made here on
24% came from work friends.

19% came from Greenwich (where I grew up during a special time)
12% came from Vassar where I graduated i 1980
11% came from Choate where I graduated in 1976

Still think social media doesn't matter? As I noted in the GPlus post, the ONLY thing that can scale in that list is Social Media. I may be able to incrementally increase my alumni networks, but only Social Media can quadruple.

The future is social. Get used to it and realize it changes everything.

Kelly Hungerford's comment, January 22, 2015 8:03 AM
This was an awesome idea, but you give me far too much credit! It was a true collaboration of blending ideas and inspiration! And in any case, you are always the catalyst Marty! That's one of the many things I love and respect so much about you! Love the stats you include in this post, by the way. Great analysis and social proof! :)
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Social "Slow TV" Earns A 20% Share In Norway [TED Talk]

Social "Slow TV" Earns A 20% Share In Norway [TED Talk] | Social Marketing Revolution |

Social Slow TV
Thomas Hellum's "boring TV" isn't that boring if you care about share. Why does the longest documentary ever shot captivate? TV too is about to become a 2 way street thanks to the social / mobile web.

Hellum's Norwegian production are near and dear to our hearts and our launch of a home for people to share their arrivals, departures and "slow TV" versions of trips in planes, trains and automobiles.

Near There How Videos

Excitement may be overwrought. Look at how much free media Heellum generates from creating "boring TV" and realize what is driving hypnotic success:

* Participation in real time.

* Not editing the timeline.

* Slowing the frame of reference so anyone can understand fully.

* Creating a social event long enough to let many get involved.

* Not editing how those who want to contribute do.

All great web marketing / online community building lessons too. Hope you will upload your NearThereNow Videos the next time you are arriving or leaving a favorite place. Sharing makes leaving hurt less. Sharing make arrival all the more exciting.

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3 Reasons Marketers Fail Using Social Media | @TedRubin

3 Reasons Marketers Fail Using Social Media | @TedRubin | Social Marketing Revolution |

Marty Note
Solid post by Ted that explains the subterranean traps many marketers fall into when using social media. Rubin points out that some OLD marketing truths still hold water such as:

  1. You are NOT Your Customer—Do Your Research
  1. Frequency Isn’t a Bad Thing
  1. Story is Important

Great tips here about lessons every marketer learned but seem to forget when "social media" is in front of "marketing".

Neil Ferree's curator insight, December 31, 2014 5:05 PM

Finding your voice, your tempo, your style and your frequency are "almost" as important as the content you curate and share.

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iPhone Six Plus: 10 Things I Love!

iPhone Six Plus: 10 Things I Love! | Social Marketing Revolution |

iPhone Six Love
I am NOT a phone person. I'm "speaking" with people on social media all day every day so the ringing bell of a phone feels a little Pavlov's dog for me. Ever notice how often commercials feature a ringing phone?

Convention demands we ANSWER a ringing phone so that's why ringtones make their way into so many commercials in a blind attempt to manipulate our attention if not our love. I'm ALWAYS working on something. Stopping to answer a phone call, sometimes about the project I'm working on at that moment, seems distracting and a nuisance.

TWEET ME is what my close friends and clients have learned. They respect the "mine digging" aspect of my chosen profession. They know I'm often lost in a hole so deep I may not come out for days (lol). They also know I'm watching five different social media feeds all day long, so they tweet me telling me to look at my email.

Amazingly NOW I'm current on email. Why? iPhone Six Plus. The new iPhone doesn't make me love talking on the phone anymore, but boy do I love THIS "phone".  Here are ten reasons why:

* Typing - SO MUCH EASIER to type with fat fingers now (THANK YOU).
* Sound - Listening to Talking Heads LOUD with my Moon Audio Dragons on Shure SE846 earphones and sounds like BUTTER.
* Album Wall - love the horizontal scroll Pinterest-like through my albums.
* Social Hub - Since typing is easier I'm using my iPhone as a Social Help performing triage on content 10x faster.
* CAMERA - Wow new camera is stunning & cool apps make it even more so.
* Reading - display is so GOOD reading is a real possibility.
* Travel - WOW, will NEVER get lost again with Siri telling me when to turn (what's that worth). Bought backup battery charger to make sure to NEVER lose that helpful turn signal at the wrong time.
* Battery Life - SO MUCH BETTER than my 3 not even funny.
* Retired - My iPad Mini is all but GONE as it was too hard to read (should have bought the big one) iPhone is easier to swipe and manipulate with gestures (maybe just me).
* Fun - Fun factor is 10x my 3, well worth the wait and the extra $$ to have such a helpful tool.

I love my iPHone 6Plus so much, thanks to Phil Buckley for convincing me to go LARGE, I may enjoy talking on the phone some day soon...well pigs could fly someday (lol). M

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Time To Think of Content As Part of User Experience

Time To Think of Content As Part of User Experience | Social Marketing Revolution |
Posted by wrttnwrd
Forget content marketing, SEO content, and whatever else as you know them. We need to fundamentally change our approach to content.
It's not an add-on or a separate thing. It's an inseparable part of the user experience.

Via malek, massimo facchinetti
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

YES, agree content is part of "user experience". Thinking social media should be in the same category.

malek's curator insight, October 29, 2014 7:58 AM
  1. Integrate content that can enhance the user experience
  2. Optimize what you already have
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Sales In A Social Marketing World: Calls How Many? via @InsightSquared

Sales In A Social Marketing World: Calls How Many? via @InsightSquared | Social Marketing Revolution |

Insight Squared
Link is to an interesting InsightSquared study that may answer the wrong question the wrong way. The question, should your sales person keep calling, should be should your sales person call. Calling or "cold calling" prospects in a social / mobile / connected world is a nonstarter.

Eli Pariser's Filter Bubbles explains why (TED Talk link: ). Pariser explains there is NO WAY you can call me cold and win. Most "prospects" are surrounded by a fortress of content, friends and known and trusted resources.

Warm Is Better Than Cold
We don't know what we don't know and we don't care (lol). NO WAY I would suggest a call until your CRM (Customer Relationship Management like SalesForce) system shows and quantifies interest. I would email a prospect relevant information before I would call.

Calling is intimate and presumes a relationship that may not exist yet. I HATE talking on the phone, but I tweet, Scoop and G+ all day long. Interacting with me on any or all of those platforms earns the right to do something I hate (talk to me on the phone). I'm not in the market for enterprise SaaS stuff at the moment, but bet my feelings aren't too far off (since it wasn't all that long ago I managed a large ecommerce website).

Better when your prospects contact you. Contacting you means you are an order of magnitude more likely to "make a sale". Acceptable ways to contact someone cold include:

* Know one of my friends and they suggested contacting me.
* Read something I published and want to follow or add to the post.
* Responding to one of my requests for help on social media.

An example of that last bullet is I'm looking for a place to stay in Columbus, Ohio for several weeks in November. Help with that and I would be glad to listen to a relevant pitch. The most important point is not to be COLD anymore. There is so much information about all of us so easily available build on something shared, known and collaborative.


I'm way to presumptive. I make errors of commission. Each step in a relationship requires time to solidify, improve and strengthen. Hurry = death in a sales call. Leave some openness. Don't worry or hurry and try not to make errors or commission or omission. Easy to write when I am years away from my last "MUST MAKE" sales goal.

The irony of TODAY is to hurry and push will kill you faster than almost anything. To be patient, relevant and invest is the key to long term sales success. Do I miss having quarterly goals hanging over me? Not so much :). M

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