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WAIT Work On These 14 Facebook Areas Before Spending To Promote

WAIT Work On These 14 Facebook Areas Before Spending To Promote | Social Marketing Revolution |

Robin Good: If you are wondering why engagement on your Facebook page is so hard to come, with few questions and comments sparking up your page, here is a number of good questions to ask yourself, before buying into Promoting your posts which is what Facebook is trying to get you to do.

How do I get my Facebook fans to participate more on our page?

Motivating fans to like, comment on, and share your posts not only strengthens your bond with existing fans but also helps get you in front of a new and bigger audience: their friends. If no one’s talking to you on Facebook, it’s hard to know if your social media marketing efforts are going anywhere — and it’s definitely not much fun.

The key reasons for our failure on this front is generally a lack of creativity and perseverance on our end to utilize the right ingredients that spark engagement for our readers. A few little changes can make all of the difference in the world.

Useful read and reminder of what to look at. 7/10

Full article:

Marty Note
Excellent Facebook marketing tips here. I confess. I was ready to start paying. Going to try these tips first instead.

Via Robin Good
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Life After Google: Why Google Isn't Growing & More PAIN Ahead [ + exclusive chart link]

Life After Google: Why Google Isn't Growing & More PAIN Ahead [ + exclusive chart link] | Social Marketing Revolution |

"Google’s growth is ultimately limited by the population of users and that itself is a predictable number."

Marty Note
We wrote about this last week on G+ ( ) with a graph showing Year over Year Google search growth slowing as smartphone and social media adoption goes crazy.

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Life Goes To The Dogs: Congrats Friends @Dognition On Great NYT Mention

Life Goes To The Dogs: Congrats Friends @Dognition On Great NYT Mention | Social Marketing Revolution |

Marty Note - Life Going To the Dogs
Congrats to our friends at Durham, NC based Dognition for yet another amazing mention in last Saturday's New York Times. Dognition is a cool product. It's a Myers-Briggs personality profile for your dog.

How can you find out your dog's personality? Easy, you play with your dog just like you normally would, but this time you take some notes. Dognition is reporting amazing benefits from knowing a dog's personality including:

* Helps get rescue dogs adopted.

* Helps owners know how to interact with their dogs better.

* Trains owners (lol).
* Helps dog owners thinking about adopting another dog understand what kind of dog might be best.

We are helping out at Dognition and may be developing a IndieGoGo campaign to see how many rescue dogs we can get adopted (love that crowdfunding). Stay tuned and check out

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UGC = Trusted, You...Not So Much: Millennials Trust UGC More than YOU

UGC = Trusted, You...Not So Much: Millennials Trust UGC More than YOU | Social Marketing Revolution |

UGC = Trusted, You...Not So Much
Love it when someone makes our +CrowdFunde points for us. This post, shared by +Phil Buckley, shows how Millennials trust #UGC  (User Generated Content) more than a website's marketing voice.

Duh, of course they trust #socialmediamarketing  and UGC since it is where they and their friends LIVE via their #smartphones . The CONVERSATION is the new means of mem transfer.

* Will be writing more about this for our blog

"Meme transfer" sounds confusing and dense, but if you think of your products as content and #SMM  as a way to share your content then you are already engaged in "meme transfer". When an article like this one points out who the next generation trusts - their friends on social media - every #Internetmarketer should take notice.

We've not only taken notice we are building a tool to harvest UGC called+CrowdFunde. Good news is Millenials (and soon everyone else btw) trust User Generated Content (UGC). Bad news? Millennials trust UGC and your website doesn't have a way to ask for UGC, analyze it once you get it or take an action based on it. OUCH!

That ouch is why we are spending +Triangle StartUp Factory's money to create CrowdFunde :). Marty   

Love it when someone confirms our thinking  

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Social Media Marketing's Party Has Started!

Social Media Marketing's Party Has Started! | Social Marketing Revolution |

Tackling a social media marketing plan is a bit like eating an elephant - you gotta do it just one bite at a time. 

Marty Note
Great starter advice here such as:

Steer clear of divisive topics. Sharing strong opinions on sensitive topics – from politics to parenting – can alienate potential customers. Especially if they have nothing to do with your business, keep opinions away from your social media.

Share and share alike. If you want to grow your network, take the time to provide feedback to people you network with. Share comments on posts in Google+ circles, “like” things on Facebook, take the time to retweet. Oftentimes people in your community will respond in kind.

Add insight. Providing tips or insight to your network gives your business credibility. Take the time to share information that your customers may value.

Master the #hashtag. 

If you haven't come to the realization social media IS your business never too late to get with the program. Get started with social media.  


Witmer Group's comment, April 6, 8:59 AM
Thanks for scooping and sharing!
Witmer Group's comment, April 9, 8:54 AM
Thank you for scooping!
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We are SOCIAL Therefore We ARE: Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics on Social Nets [Infographic]

We are SOCIAL Therefore We ARE: Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics on Social Nets [Infographic] | Social Marketing Revolution |
Whether you use them for reaching potential customers, interact with people, or to generate content, Social Media is a power tool for businesses. Check out some of the most popular online networks and how much of an impact they each have.

Marty Note
Love being able to compare key metrics across social nets.Wish they had stayed with the SAME metric for time on site throughout however. They switch from days to months and that makes Instragam appear as if it has more time on site than Facebook (it doesn't).

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New Research: Facebook Social Login Large & In Charge, Twitter Cust Service Growing Too

New Research: Facebook Social Login Large & In Charge, Twitter Cust Service Growing Too | Social Marketing Revolution |

Discover 4 surprising social media research findings about how consumer behavior on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram affect your social media strategy:

* We like Facebook for social login.
* Customer service via social nets grows especially on Twitter.
* Youngsters NOT unfriending Facebook.
* Instragam fastest growing site globally.

Marty Note
I'm not a big fan of Facebook marketing, but may need to rethink that at least on the social login and "trust mark" side of the equation. Not surprised to see customer service growing on Twitter (duh). Think what it will do when most companies understand that Twitter is NOT broadcast push platform but a pull conversation media.

Instagram growing fastest doesn't surprise. Visual marketing is growing and growing and growing with Instagram leading the charge. Surprised to see Pinterest so far down the list since they occupy much the same space, but Instragram is more mobile phone friendly.

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We are ALL Visual Marketers Now: 8 Visual Marketing Lessons from Vogue - Curatti

We are ALL Visual Marketers Now: 8 Visual Marketing Lessons from Vogue - Curatti | Social Marketing Revolution |

You may catch Marty combing through Vogue, Elle and Vanity Fair at B&N. Why? Fashion mags are great visual marketers - 8 Visual Marketing Tips From Vogue:

  • Be specific & BIG NUMBERS are great ways to be specific.
  • Be branded – take advantage of existing brands such as Shades of Grey.
  • Be topical – March is “fashion week” in NYC and both magazines have extensive features.
  • Be welcoming – note how both models look directly out at the viewers (my favorite online engagement pose).
  • Use SOUND – “Sexy, Shiny, Bouncy Hair sounds fun. “Full on Fashion Force” sounds forceful. Words create rhythm and sounds that adds to or detracts from compelling images.
  • Juxtapose – “street chic” and “fashion force” are examples of creative juxtapositions.
  • Use Action Verbs – which of these action verbs AREN’T on either cover? grab, be bold, upgrade, must have, takes on, and rock? Yep, all of those “action verbs” are in sub-headlines.
  • Simple Colors – ONLY colors used for headlines and sub-heads are black, white and red.


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6 Facts About Content Curation and SEO You Don't Know

6 Facts About Content Curation and SEO You Don't Know | Social Marketing Revolution |
If you struggle with providing a steady stream of fresh, relevant content for your website, you’re not alone. Perhaps one of the best ways to overcome this challenge, while also increasing the value you provide to your audience, is through the process of editorialized content curation.

But while we know that this process (when done right) is beneficial in terms of driving traffic, extending reach and providing interesting and valuable content, what does Google think about content curation? Continue reading →
Pallab Kakoti's curator insight, March 19, 2:07 AM

Content curation for any website, be it a brand, product, agency or a local business is about the content offered to the audiences. The key to better click through is fundamentally by writing content for the right audience and not for robots or search engine algorithms. Quality content optimizes user intent for interest to engage with the information displayed on a website powered with social sharing tools that personifies content curation dynamics.


Good content is delivered with good research. It is crucial to offer your perspective & opinion about other related contents similar to your business discussed on your case studies, blogs & social updates. Cite the original source of any content published on your website and ensure that you add your feeds to Google blog search index. Content curation must make room for hashtag mentions so that posting them on Google+ & other social media channels that support #hashtags will optimize content visibility and group the conversation for like-minded individuals.


Some crucial content curation tools that leverage content strategy for SEO & social media goals include:,, – Link Curation, – List Curation, – Social Interest,, – Social Pinboard, – Content Curation

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Real Power Behind Social Media? Women [Infographic] - Marketing Technology Blog

Real Power Behind Social Media? Women [Infographic] - Marketing Technology Blog | Social Marketing Revolution |

Infographic: Why Women Are The Real Power Behind Social Media by Douglas Karr on Marketing Technology Blog 

Marty Note
At one point I wanted to write a book called the feminine future. Thesis of the book was women power social media, social media powers the world ipso facto feminine future. Never got the book written, but this infographic makes the point in half a fraction of the time.  

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Is Your Company A Social Media SNOB? Take Our You Know Your A Social Media Snob If...Test

Is Your Company A Social Media SNOB? Take Our You Know Your A Social Media Snob If...Test | Social Marketing Revolution |

Social Media Snob Test
The purpose of social media is to connect, to BE SOCIAL. Better to NOT be on social media than to be on social and look like an arrogant snob. Not being on social can be forgiven. Being a snob in this day an age is difficult to forgie.

You Know Your Company Is A Social Media Snob If...

* You follow less than 50% of your Twitter followers.
- Following a tiny % of your followers is the ultimate snobbery because it limits communication (you can't DM unless you follow) and you can't REWARD unless you follow. 
- When an expert in your area with 10x the following as your company has (at the moment) follows you FOLLOW THEM BACK!!

* You company doesn't Retweet.
- When you Retweet you share someone's take. You are saying, "this is good enough to share" and that statement is a reward and and a way to "mentor" your space.

* Your company doesn't respond to @yourcompany notes.
- Not responding in a timely way to @yourcompany notes is an EPIC customer service fail.

* Your company isn't on GPlus.
- Time to come in for the big win AND Gplus is the most disruptive social net because of its proximity to high yield SEO (duy its GOOGLE) and most business verticals are nascent on GPlus because there is a learning curve.

* Your company isn't having conversations.
- If you are still using social media to push messages without listening and responding you look either clueless or a snob (and neither of those are good).

* Your Company isn't on Instagram or Pinterest.
- Marketing communication is becoming highly visual so to not be on either Instragram or Pinterest is snobby since it feels like insisting we continue to do things the old "talk about ourselves to ourselves" way. 

* Your company isn't creating video.
- Video is highly widget-ized and so easy to share content. Video is also a more universal language. I may not speak english but video, done right, can be a cross cultural tool.  

* Your company[s SMM is highly scripted.
- Days of scripting every interaction with customers is long gone.  

Don't be a social media snob either by intention or ignorance because being a SNOB on social media is the wrong signal to send...always.  

Suggested by Belinda Summers!

Facebook Backwards In Pictures, People & Conversion: A new study reveals

Facebook Backwards In Pictures, People & Conversion: A new study reveals | Social Marketing Revolution |

Mark Kelley, co-founder and CEO at Taggs (, a visual content marketing software provider, headed a study on how different types of pictures affect the way Facebook users respond to certain brand marketing posts.



Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Wow, this study was almost perfectly backwards from my predictions and experience designing a website. Fascinating to know you get more likes on Facebook by showing a hand holding a cup of coffee than a head shot - a little crazy but FB is crazy and so different. 

Only way to be successful on FB is to know the stated and hidden "rules of the road" like these for picture usage.  

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Coca-Cola's Social Media Guard Proves Coke Riffs SM Like JAZZ

Coca-Cola's Social Media Guard Proves Coke Riffs SM Like JAZZ | Social Marketing Revolution |

Sometimes humans are so engaged with their smartphones that they walk right off a pier. (No, seri..

Coca Cola''s Social Media Power
What this goofy riff proves, beyond a doubt, is those rumors you've been reading about that Coca-Cola knows how to play social media are correct. .Coke understands something we all should.

They are agnostic about content. They will riff positive SM content when there is attention and therefore money to be had. They will riff funny SM content always and they will surf the waves that are there.

What do you think about Coke's Social Media Guard?

Smesauda's curator insight, March 3, 4:24 AM

great post....

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5 Killer Secrets to Instantly Increase Engagement on Google Plus [infographic]

5 Killer Secrets to Instantly Increase Engagement on Google Plus [infographic] | Social Marketing Revolution |

If like a lot of other small business owners you see Google Plus as just another social network and a waste of time you could be missing a trick. As the name suggests, Google Plus is owned by Google.

Marty Note
Like these 5 tips:
* Claim G+ Authorship.
* Include great images.
* Ask engaging questions.
* Use hashtags to increase search.
* Explore G+ communities & Hangouts..

Via Your Inspiration Web
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3 Simple Online Marketing Tactics | Ping! Zine

3 Simple Online Marketing Tactics | Ping! Zine | Social Marketing Revolution |
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:
LOVED that this post tells you lots of online marketing can take TIME. Not this post though. They are going to share the low hanging fruit. Only problem is then they suggest social media and blogging. Both very important but TIME is needed.
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Social Media Frequency: How Often to Post to Facebook, Twitter

Social Media Frequency: How Often to Post to Facebook, Twitter | Social Marketing Revolution |
If guessing is required for finding the optimal frequency, then at least we can be making educated guesses. Here's our research on the ideal amount to post.

Via Official AndreasCY, John van den Brink
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Frequency is not as important as WHAT you post, but helpful study here. This post shares how often Buffer submits to each social media network. Marty

Official AndreasCY's curator insight, April 13, 4:22 AM

How often should you post on social media?

Taylon Chandler's curator insight, April 16, 2:37 PM

Such good information!

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The Wiki-ization Of Marketing - A Haiku Deck by Martin Smith

The Wiki-ization Of Marketing - A Haiku Deck by Martin Smith | Social Marketing Revolution |

As social media changes the web marketers need to inspire the kind of commitment, support and contribution made popular by Wiki-pedia - the Wiki-ization of Marketing is happening. You in?

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Are Women Better Social Media Marketers? Answer: Yes

Are Women Better Social Media Marketers? Answer: Yes | Social Marketing Revolution |

I love this debate and come down firmly on the side of women (lol). Women are more socially gifted in general. Yes I know that is stereotypical thinking, but I keep finding DATA to support the idea. At one point I wanted to write a book.

The Feminine Future was going to gather data to prove that women are more gifted and social media and social media is the future of marketing so women = the future of marketing. I haven't been able to write that book, but the truth of it feels even more true now.

What do you think? Are men or women better social media marketers?

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Social Media GOLD Lessons via The Pit & The Bank (via @ThePitBBQ & @FoodBankCENC )

Social Media GOLD Lessons via The Pit & The Bank (via @ThePitBBQ & @FoodBankCENC ) | Social Marketing Revolution |

SMM Lessons From The Pit & The Food Bank
Poking fun at my @CrowdFunde cofounder Phil Buckley today I wrote a new caption for The Pit's Cuegrass photo. I noted that either Phil was holding court or Cuegrass was coming soon.

My "inside" joke with my partner Phil, former "Mayor" of The Pit BBQ in Raleigh, NC, IS THE MOST DISCUSSED CONTENT on my social nets today. Let that statement sink in for a minute.

What do you call it when someone blows up your Tweet? Answer: Social Media GOLD.

My "inner circle" social nets have about 12,000 followers. I share content from (daily shares with 2,300 followers @Martin (Marty) Smith ), G+ (2,896 followers share daily ),Twitter (@Scenttrail 4,200 followers share daily ) and  Pinterest (4,929 followers post daily ) and the most shared post today is an "inside" joke with a handful of friends.

A handful of friends and some SMART social media marketers shared some great social media marketing lessons today!

The Pit, our favorite BBQ joint in downtown Raleigh immediately RTed my new caption of their photo with a supportive tag ("now that's a caption"). The Pit's RT prompted several Cuegrass, the event I wrote the new caption for, vendors to RT too.

This is the POWER of the recognized conversation.

The Pit could have been MAD I wrote a new caption for their Cuegrass event pic. Nope, too smart for that they provided encouragement and RTed demonstrating what Phil and I are working so hard to create at CrowdFunde - conversations RULE.

AND the more responsive, lean, funny and fun your social content is the more shares you achieve. The more shares you achieve the more awareness you gain. When I opened a new chapter on Cuegrass the Pit jumped on it. Now I see Phil got home and joined the conversation. Phil's nets are the size of mine so the Pit just picked up 20,000 potential followers or attendees at this year's Cuegrass (I still don't even know what it is lol). 

So, not only is the Pit the home of our favorite BBQ and Cuegrass, but today they've put their secret rub down long enough to share two important social marketing lessons:

* When someone is talking about YOU ENCOURAGE THEM.
* Encourage them IN Social Media so the "lesson' is immediately shared and "social kudos" points transfer. 

Duh, who knew. Actually LISTENING and being SOCIAL are important to social media marketing success. The Pit knew, several of their vendors know and the Food Bank knows ( ). In Fact my "cool follow of the day" award goes to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina since they FOLLOWED ME!

Not giving them the award for following me as much as seeing a great conversation and jumping in with both feet. Every Twitter following that is only a tiny % of those following them could take a lesson from the Food Bank. You can't create relationships with people you don't follow.

And, as the Food Bank demonstrated, when you see a great conversation happening jump in, SHARE and FOLLOW. What do you call it when someone writes a new caption for your photo? Answer: User Generated Content GOLD and I hope you are as smart about what to do with SMM gold as the tribe that formed around my "inside joke" on The Pit's Cuegrass photo today.

And whatever Cuegrass is and whenever it is happening I hope it is as fun as the picture :). Marty

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A Radical Idea - There Is No NEW SEO @Scenttrail Explains

A Radical Idea - There Is No NEW SEO @Scenttrail Explains | Social Marketing Revolution |

In recent years, marketers and company owners could approach SEO and its value to Google and other search engines by producing quality, relevant content that would interest their audience. Unfortunately, with the rise of dishonest PageRank practices, it seems that producing that same quality, relevant content is no longer the most effective way to rank in the search engine arena.

Read more at:!xCI7Y

Via Antonino Militello, Jack Varnell
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Just got a great tweet from Jack Varnell:

Jack Varnell @jackvarnell 2m

@ScentTrail - Agreed but it is all taxonomy. Could also say there will ALWAYS be new #SEO  via @scoopit #SEO

AGREE with Jack. The way he says it the emphasis is where it belongs - on the constant sea of change as Google and everyone else iterates code daily and hourly some day soon.

Radical SEO Idea

In 2003 I climbed up on a soapbox and tried to sell my Direct Marketing bosses on content marketing. They knew content because they paid BIG BUCKS to copywriters.

DM writers seemed to have a magic wand. They could tell a story that motivated people open their mail and call the call center. Today we need so much less WORK from our customers and yet achieving that "less work" is so much harder.

My radical idea is THERE IS NO "NEW SEO".

I'm not saying that half of this infographic (the new half) isn't helpful. It is helpful, but the idea of comparison is a) moot and b) not as dramatic as this comparison makes it feel and seem.

Understanding the WHY and WHAT is moot. The new SEO simply IS and they have a solid presentation of the "new SEO" here. The problem is boiling the new SEO down to an infographic chart with little boxes denies the interconnection between each of these pieces of sinew and the highly dynamic nature of this new mobile social web.

Mobile and social are dancing on a fire. One hand of the dancer, the hand holding the phone, pours gas on the fire even as the other hand, the social hand, tries to share the very HOT experience.

SO, focus on one side of this infographic and don't get caught up in why, how, who. Focus on how the new SEO is a tapestry and your marketing may need a massive RETHINK to play well with the new constantly and quickly changing Google.

9Dotstrategies's curator insight, February 27, 7:12 PM

Search Engine Optimization: SEO New Rules  (Infographic) #seo #new #rules

Go Viral Exposure's curator insight, March 3, 6:54 AM

Here is a different look on #seo , #patowings showing an infographic based post on sea vs new seo. Enjoy the read !!

Pallab Kakoti's curator insight, March 26, 4:06 AM


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Riffing Andrew Chen's Creating Social Products on ScentTrail Marketing

Riffing Andrew Chen's Creating Social Products on ScentTrail Marketing | Social Marketing Revolution |

Andrew Chen's How to design successful social products with 3 habit-forming feedback loops is so important I'm riffing by paragraph over several nights.

This first post discuss the 3 core feedback loops social marketing is built upon:

A feedback loop that rewards content posters when they push new content into the network.
A feedback loop that rewards passive content consumers with relevant and valuable content.
* A feedback loop that rewards (and culls) connections within the network. 


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Engagement Is... Great Defining Conversation On G+

Engagement Is... Great Defining Conversation On G+ | Social Marketing Revolution |
You Can't Spell ENGAGE Without ENGE!
Engagement is a philosophy that brings together marketing and education, to help others develop a deeper…
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

My favorite part of this conversation is this defining paragraph:

"At its foundation, it is human beings having a conversation based on passion not promotion, a dialogue focused on meaning not message, and most important of all, both +Mark Traphagen and +Eric Enge provide enough space and discipline to engage the audience, and hear what they have to share."

This issue of having the discipline to create the SPACE for conversation is a key engagement idea well said.

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Creating Community: 3 Great Tips From 2 Years as's Community Manager via @ alleygreer #cmgr

Creating Community: 3 Great Tips From 2 Years as's Community Manager via @ alleygreer #cmgr | Social Marketing Revolution |

Marty Note
This is a great post from Alley Greer's Community Manager on the eve of her 2 year anniversary. Since are are all "Community Managers" now whether we know it or not Alley's post is a #mustread.

Alley's Tips:

1. When In doubt, ASK & Check In. 

2. We're All Humans (translated Alley is saying breakdown the barriers between YOU and THEM).

3. Be Transparent.

Alley shared a great stat. Once she adopted transparency via asking instead of assuming and checking in she was able to double the size of the community she manages (Scoopiteers). 

Asking and checking in creates community. When you begin to remove barriers between you and your customers good things happen just ask Alley :). M  

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Why I Don't Like Scoopit Links on Twitter II [Robin Good & Scenttrail Conversaton]

Why I Don't Like Scoopit Links on Twitter II [Robin Good & Scenttrail Conversaton] | Social Marketing Revolution |

I’m seeing more Scoopit links in my Twitter stream and I’m not crazy about it.  Sure it’s quick and easy to share with Scoopit.  But it not quick and easy to consume. For me it's all about the econ...

Marty Note
If you missed I don't Like Links I, here's a link:

First post prompted a great note from my curator mentor coach Robin Good:

« Marty, I can't agree more. I hate it myself when I see links in my Twitter stream because I know that most of the time it's a lame post with next to no content leading me somewhere else.

I think this is part of the culture of, and the only ones that can change it significantly are those who direct and promote its editorial and marketing policy.

Until you promote a tool like as a tool to save time and produce more content, target it to novice content marketers, and don't moderate actively what you showcase (like Flipboard or Medium do), you can't expect a different kind of outcome. I may be wrong but this is the impression I get. What's your take Marty? »

Yes, but
I agree with Robin much more than I disagree. Points of agreement include:

Agree 80%

* Difficulty of Creating Branded Curators on due to little or no "SHOWCASE".
* Spam control on backs of curators.
* Difficulty of building community on due to the first bullet.

Disagree 20%

* Adding Google authorship signals a desire by to share back value of the commons making UNIQUE in social nets / tools.
* No commons is constructed as much as guided, influenced and moved like weather or a wave at a football game.

The disagreement 20% speaks to the highly distributed nature of any commons. When content is coming in from pirates and the navy then content cherished, featured and held up as examples creates powerful social signals.

This very TINY balancing beam is where cutators and editors of any commons must excel. Too heavy a hand and free discourse is squashed. Too light a hand and the commons (substitute community if it makes it easier to understand lol) can't find or share its spirit.

Robin is successful because he is creative, intelligent and generous. Robin's skills mean he can be successful anywhere, so finding ways to partner with Robin, giving Robin (and Michele, Jan, Karen and Brian) "jobs" or defined roles would help shore up the GOOD and so decrease chances for the BAD to run amok.

This "Showcasing" is a fine art since it too walks a fine and tiny beam between elitist and populist. When Robin hit 1M views on I would have been tempted to have a much bigger party (lol). The key push and pull between curators and any commons is how much value will be shared with the sharecropping contributors.

When Robin and then Ana-Christina right behind him passed a million views I would have stopped time a little to interview them, qualify their tactics and strategies and in so doing call attention to a tool capable of helping a sharecropper reach a lot of people.

For me, the third act of any commons is always "Review the Reviewer" or Brand the Curator (in's case). Who gets that? Red Bull gets it. I think FlipBoard does too though Robin has more experience there than me (recent innovations make me want to go back and check it out).

Tools, like life itself, aren't permanent fixtures. As crosses this next chasm it walks a tight rope across the Grand Canyon and competitors such as FlipBoard are generating lots of wind. The Scoopit team is smart and they must sense a pivot is upon them. Personally I want to help. In for a penny...:). Marty


Peg Corwin's comment, March 10, 3:54 PM
Further to Therese Torris' comment, might we ask for a setting that allows us to choose to automatically tweet the post author when we re-scoop? It takes many clicks back and forth to get and add it.
Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, March 10, 4:06 PM
Yes @Peg Corwin I see your "filtering" much like @Brian Yanish - work as providing value. As Brian shared he discard much more content than he is sharing. I think this builds on Robin's idea of "value" and its meaningful, fast and valuable to those who understand that filtering is the primary activity. I don't think its hard to know this since the second time a customer follows a link of yours or Brian's they know they are following your curation suggestion. On Sunday I thought "pass through" was an unsustainable model. After a day of #startup school I am not so sure. You and Brian are building a themed castle one brick (one share) at a time as surely as I am or anyone else using Today it feels like a defined link share as you and Brian have described is a valuable service. <br><br>You've hit the primary value AND I often cut the middle man out (something it isn't hard to do ust use Google to search the title). Bryan (Dr V) was complaining about the extra click and that is why I sometimes jump past the pass through too, but since that jump isn't difficult and the oeuvre you create has merit as a whole I think we are simply approach the same problem with a slightly different approach (pass through vs. value add). I think you and Brian are SAVING TIME since you evaluate mor content than you share. <br><br>Despite Dr. V's complaint about seeing links I think that is an important signal and a signals that connects the IDEA of your curation as a whole, so I would say when you drive to using a moniker is a good idea. M
Peg Corwin's comment, March 11, 6:19 AM
Thanks Marty. I think indexing a topic like this adds value in a different way to the curation.
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Improve Your Local SEO With YouTube [Infographic]

Improve Your Local SEO With YouTube [Infographic] | Social Marketing Revolution |
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Wow, never would have thought of this tip for how to use YouTube for local SEO. YouTube can be such a roach motel (visitors go in but they don't come out). This tip might help you get some local listings out of the YouTube motel.

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Living In 140 Characters: 7 EASY, Fast & Helpful Twitter Tips via @Scenttrail

Living In 140 Characters: 7 EASY, Fast & Helpful Twitter Tips via @Scenttrail | Social Marketing Revolution |

Living In 140 Characters
Here are 7 of my favorite Twitter tips:

* NEVER use "the" unless too confusing without (rare).

* Never use "and" either, use & instead to save 2 characters.

* Best length for RTs: 110 characters.

* Reduce adjectives and adverbs modification. Stick with Subject, Object, Verb (Martin's 5 Twitter Tips: LINK instead of Martin's Awesome 5 Twitter Tips). Actually a double here because avoid bragging to. Be specific,  factual, and FAST. 

* Use Hashtags but mostly after your link (be careful since links, @s, and #s can become one confusing pile of blue).

* Use an extra space or character to create clarity especially between links, @attribution and hashtags. I slip in an extra # sometimes all by itself just for the spacing.

* Spacing help needed when adding photos and photos take a of characters so I add a hyphen at the end of the content and before the photo in this format " - ".

Jade Brennan's curator insight, March 6, 8:43 PM

Great tips  for expanding knowledge and how to best utilise twtter