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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Pinterest!

Building Consumer Trust With Pinterest

Building Consumer Trust With Pinterest | Social Marketing Revolution |
Find out how to build consumer trust with Pinterest. Written by Vincent Ng of MCNG Marketing.

Via Kelly Lieberman
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great tips here for the mystery wrapped in an enigma social network - Pinterest. Pinterest is the most asynchronous of social nets meaning its hard to map putting in 2 and taking out 3. 

Love the multi-channel nature of the tips here. Pinterest is an important community builder. Here are a few tips I would add:

* Pinterest is most focused on Pinterest and pinning.

* Pinterest demographics are 6 to 4 women.
* Pinterest community boards are amazing because they take care of themselves lowering your social media costs and increasing results.  

The other reason Pinterest creates trust is its is so beautifully visual. Does put pressure on your visual marketing, but get used to that as all of our visual marketing is under pressure now whether we fully realize it or not :). M 

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Social Benefits of Blogging via Social Media Today

Social Benefits of Blogging via Social Media Today | Social Marketing Revolution |
Getting results from social media can mean more traffic for your website, a bigger fanbase, more sales for products, or more awareness for your brand. Every company that is considering social media needs to define their own goals.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Mary makes great points about social benefits of blogging. I loved her idea about putting Facebook likes in the middle of a post since it breaks up the text and is an attention getter. Blogging is the bicycle riding of our content marketing times.

Had someone tell me in a meeting the other day they couldn't write due to a learning disability. Suggested they video blog or use Tumblr instead. We are moving to a more visual time anyway so there are always ways to support your content with blogging even if you can't write.

Angie Mc's curator insight, January 20, 2014 6:09 PM

This article is reason and motivation to keep on blogging. I especially like the idea of blogging as a way to thank my followers and increase engagement on other social media platforms like Twitter.

Valerie van S's curator insight, January 21, 2014 6:30 AM
How Blogging Has Helped My Social Results

From the article...I often get asked how to get more likes on Facebook. While the fastest way to get more fans is to use Facebook advertising (yup I said it) my best results have come from blogging. When I see a spike in my numbers on Facebook, it is almost always right after a blog post I wrote has gotten a lot of exposure.

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

We are ALL Visual Marketers Now: 8 Visual Marketing Lessons from Vogue - Curatti

We are ALL Visual Marketers Now: 8 Visual Marketing Lessons from Vogue - Curatti | Social Marketing Revolution |

You may catch Marty combing through Vogue, Elle and Vanity Fair at B&N. Why? Fashion mags are great visual marketers - 8 Visual Marketing Tips From Vogue:

  • Be specific & BIG NUMBERS are great ways to be specific.
  • Be branded – take advantage of existing brands such as Shades of Grey.
  • Be topical – March is “fashion week” in NYC and both magazines have extensive features.
  • Be welcoming – note how both models look directly out at the viewers (my favorite online engagement pose).
  • Use SOUND – “Sexy, Shiny, Bouncy Hair sounds fun. “Full on Fashion Force” sounds forceful. Words create rhythm and sounds that adds to or detracts from compelling images.
  • Juxtapose – “street chic” and “fashion force” are examples of creative juxtapositions.
  • Use Action Verbs – which of these action verbs AREN’T on either cover? grab, be bold, upgrade, must have, takes on, and rock? Yep, all of those “action verbs” are in sub-headlines.
  • Simple Colors – ONLY colors used for headlines and sub-heads are black, white and red.


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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Infographic Social Shares Shows Rise Of Visual Marketing [note Pinterest Move]

Infographic Social Shares Shows Rise Of Visual Marketing [note Pinterest Move] | Social Marketing Revolution |
This infographic reveals some of the biggest recent trends in social sharing, including just how much Pinterest's popularity has grown.

Marty Note
Great infographic from my friend @Phil Buckleyshowing the rise of visual marketing a MONSTER TREND for 2014.

Mertens Marketing's curator insight, January 12, 2014 9:54 AM

In Europa werden 47% der Inhalte allein über Facebook geteilt, hinzu kommen noch mal 45% über Twitter. Den Rest teilen sich Google+, LinkedIn und -syurpriz (russ.: Überraschung)- VKontakt, das russische Social Network. Pinterest - obwohl es in USA bereits eine sehr große Rolle spielt - ist im Rest der Welt noch nicht so verbreitet.