Living In 140 Characters: 7 EASY, Fast & Helpful Twitter Tips via @Scenttrail | Social Marketing Revolution |

Living In 140 Characters
Here are 7 of my favorite Twitter tips:

* NEVER use "the" unless too confusing without (rare).

* Never use "and" either, use & instead to save 2 characters.

* Best length for RTs: 110 characters.

* Reduce adjectives and adverbs modification. Stick with Subject, Object, Verb (Martin's 5 Twitter Tips: LINK instead of Martin's Awesome 5 Twitter Tips). Actually a double here because avoid bragging to. Be specific,  factual, and FAST. 

* Use Hashtags but mostly after your link (be careful since links, @s, and #s can become one confusing pile of blue).

* Use an extra space or character to create clarity especially between links, @attribution and hashtags. I slip in an extra # sometimes all by itself just for the spacing.

* Spacing help needed when adding photos and photos take a of characters so I add a hyphen at the end of the content and before the photo in this format " - ".