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Does Arrogance Still Scale? Not so much...
I live in a loft in a renovated tobacco building. I thought it was appropriate to put the Story of Cancer Foundation in a renovated tobacco building. The Duke Alumni Office is our neighbor occupying the first floor and several buildings including our parking garage.

Friday night after six o'clock the Duke Alumni Office threatened to tow my car. I pay for parking and an electronic gate requiring a special card to open controls the deck. This post is about how can an office ostensibly in the BE NICE business be so unaware of the social, community and brand implications of such a threatening action.

Imagine one of your neighbors threatened to tow your car out of your gorge. You would call the police. I hope it doesn't go that far, but Duke is asking like an arrogant GOLIATH and should learn that social media is a slingshot capable of making any Goliath have a bad day.

The point for EVERY business is we are all connected now. Treat me, them and us like the family members we are and we will get along great. Mean and arrogant wouldn't be my first choice for branding building in a social, mobile age.