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Does Blogging Matter to Social Media

Does Blogging Matter to Social Media | Social Marketing Revolution |

Blogging and Social Media
Asking if blogging matters to social media is to ask the wrong question in the wrong way. Social media, like blogging, is a marketing tactic. Like all marketing tactics blogging and social media should come wrapped in a blanket of strategy.

Like all marketing strategy the tactical and strategic blanket that wraps blogging and social media should start with a brand's why - the raison d'être for a product, company, brand or service to exist. 

Every communication should flow from the spring of what Simon Sinek so well defined in his must read book Start With Why (use that link to buy the book on Amazon to make a small donation to cure cancer).  Sharing is what is happening. 
The "sharing economy" may be part hyperbole, but sharing is a form of communication and a tactic and a strategy few can afford to not embrace. Our Curagami post notes the importance of content curation in support of blogging.

We mention as the best content curation tool we know and use. Curation is important to form community and so your voice doesn't begin to sound shrill and demanding. Better to curate the relevant (to your branding) communication of others than attempting to create (write or blog) you way to submission these days. 

Blogging, done right, is a conversation between a company, brand or product's WHY and customer reactions, ideas and desire to join the movement. Movements are bigger ideas than brands, but smart brands have harnessed the power of bigger ideas.

Nike's Just Do It, North Face's "Never Stop Exploring" and Apple's Think Different are all brilliant examples of connecting brands to bigger ideas (read Jim Stengel's excellent Grow for more on Brand Ideals). Blogging is a share and so a natural extension of harnessing brands to movements and bigger ideas.

Goes blogging matter? Yes and in more ways than we know or fully appreciate. Is blogging critical to social media? Yes since blogging confirms a company, brand or products digital listening skills while reaffirming the brand, company or website's presence in the game / conversation.  

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What Is Content Curation and How Does It Impact SEO? via ScentTrail Marketing

What Is Content Curation and How Does It Impact SEO? via ScentTrail Marketing | Social Marketing Revolution |
What is content curation and how can it help SEO? This post shares how content curation creates more reach faster and protects your Internet marketing.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Content Curation = Most Important IM Tactic
Content Curation can help Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when created with care, a sense of the new rules of SEO and commitment. This post, a response to another post, explains what content curation is and isn't, why greate rcontent rearch and testing is possible with content curation and how to add the most important Internet marketing tactic to your 2014 strategy - content curation.

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You Are What You Measure: Drawing Meaningful Conclusions from Social Media Metrics

You Are What You Measure: Drawing Meaningful Conclusions from Social Media Metrics | Social Marketing Revolution |

Truth In Advertising
Social media needs an interpreter. I've never read a more true statement than, "fans and followers have not value as a stand alone number". That statement is correct in particular and in general.

Web metrics are best used as part of a modeled system of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs should inform actions. If you are monitoring something and NOT changing your Internet marketing based on what it says (in some way and don't forget numbers that make up your ecosystem and so inform action) then stop measuring it.

The distance between your KPIs and action should be short. The time it takes to take action can be long, depending on the KPI, but creating informed action is why you measure and this post explains HOW to measure social media.

No article can tell you exactly how to measure SMM for your business since how you segment and group is usually highly individual, but this post can help you get started. Metrics are magical and can keep the financial gatekeeper bears at the door, but only measure what has meaning and create that meaning from your modeled ecosystem.

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Never Underrate These Digital Marketing Tactics Say Brands From Kellogg To Nissan

Never Underrate These Digital Marketing Tactics Say Brands From Kellogg To Nissan | Social Marketing Revolution |
Execs from Kellogg, Nissan and GE think you shouldn't discount the tried-and-true like email, search marketing and site optimization in favor of chasing the Next Big Thing.

Via Anthony Burke
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

The Longer I'm An Internet Marketer...
The longer I'm in this strange business of creating connection online the more I see the need for a tapestry approach. Internet marketing is a giant loom and we are weavers.

Our looms are in service of our organic but somewhat immutable things such as:

* Company Values.

* Unique Value Propositions.

* Expression of who we (company, brand or product) are.


I agree with this article that core to any weaver's online trade are thing like technical SEO, email marketing and conversion optimization. As weavers we live in the land of AND not BUT. If we layer social media marketing and other new shinny dancing ideas and objects into our core we will succeed.

If we take a zero sum Internet marketing approach and move core (and working) strategies OUT in favor of the new shinny-dancing thing we lose. If we apply existing ROI standards to THE NEW we lose.


Weaving (or Internet marketing) is a process, a process of testing and incorporating, incorporating and testing. There is a problem. Most of the world functions on a Zero Sum basis. As we bring a new thing on we diminish the old things.

Internet marketers can't afford a zero sum approach. They must life in the land of AND keeping core and working strategies as they test and incorporate new. Think of all the value you've created after thousands of email tests.

You know what kind of hero image, headline and call to actions work for your business vertical. NEVER give up such treasure to the new shinny-dancing thing since to do so is crazy and goofystupid. Instead set aside time and budget to test THE NEW even as you continue to trim the old because that is just what weavers do.


Anthony Burke's curator insight, January 30, 2013 6:23 AM

Executivess from Kellogg, Nissan and GE think you shouldn't discount the tried-and-true marketing tactics like email, search marketing and site optimisation in favor of chasing the Next Big Thing! Good advice.

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So Wrong Don't Know Where To Begin - Content Strategy vs Content Marketing (NOT)

So Wrong Don't Know Where To Begin - Content Strategy vs Content Marketing (NOT) | Social Marketing Revolution |

The terms "Content Strategy" and "Content Marketing" have become blurred together, yet the two couldn't be more different. Learn what sets them apart.

Marty Note
There are two groups of content marketers. One group CONTENT MARKETS. We would put the outstanding curation skills of @Neil Ferreein this group. The other group WRITES about what content marketing SHOULD BE.

This post comes from group #2. In the abstract everything they say is correct, but in the cold light of actual content marketing they create distinctions without differences.

A website and the content marketing within it are an ant hive. Things are popping, moving and changing all the time. I love the house blue print idea. That''s rich. If you create such static plans please come compete with one of our customers.

Watch Joy Ito discuss the need to become a NOWIST ( )and you will see how absurd attempting to blueprint something as dynamic as the web and your website's place in it is.

Now watch Eli Pariser discuss how impossible it is to reach anyone now in his Filter Bubbles TED Talk ( ) and realize the implication is your marketing is PROXY marketing.

Since you can't get inside the perimeter of new customers due to filter bubbles finding, grooming and empowering brand advocates is a must. How do you map the immediate give and take between you, customers and brand perceptions?

Love this nonsense from the post:

"Content marketing, on the other hand, is typically a soft-sell sales approach to attract customers and retain them through creating and delivering relevant, meaningful content. It’s essentially a combination of sales techniques and organic marketing, all in one. The trick is disguising your efforts well enough that your customers don’t know they’re being sold, but rather feel like they are becoming better informed. In content marketing, you designate specific audiences that you want to “pitch” content to, and once they bite you work to drive profitable customer action through consistently curating content you feel will help shape their behavior to result in conversion."

WOW, that is so WRONG I don''t know where to begin. Tricking people these days is a nonstarter. Read Simon Sinek's Start With Why for a better  understanding of what is happening now and ignore, "the trick is...".

There are no TRICKS anymore. The only trick left is being YOU, sharing YOU and being open to a new YOU thanks to the NOWIST fast feedback loops your advocates will help create.

Neil was kind to this post. Follow HIM, ignore the post.

Be sure to read the great comment by @Neil Ferreetoo reinforcing my belief HE (Neil) is the #mustfollow take away from this post.

Via Neil Ferree
Neil Ferree's curator insight, March 14, 2015 9:55 PM

There are plenty of "experts" that will tell you before you execute a content marketing strategy, you need to know who your audience is and what keeps them up and night and then then just give them what they want.

There's more to it than that of course, but it all boils down to addressing the WiiFM factor. Handle that and your content marketing plan should get the results you seek.

Neil Ferree's comment, March 15, 2015 12:08 PM
Its an over simplification, but my experience shows that the better I get at addressing the WiiFM factor, the more social engagement my CC efforts attract. Like you Marty, I don't believe everything I read on the Internet ;-)
Robin Good's comment, March 21, 2015 4:41 AM
Yes Marty, I am glad you see it too: "There are no TRICKS anymore."
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Why Content Curation Is Disruptive

Why Content Curation Is Disruptive | Social Marketing Revolution |

First Curatti Editors of Chaos Post
I shocked a Raleigh SEO Meetup recently by suggesting we content marketers should curate 90% and create 10%. Cost and solipsism are the two reasons for this ratio.

Content curation creates more reach faster showing if a piece of content has legs or not (i.e. generates social shares). Content curation isn't simply sharing a link. I like to add from 100 to 300 words of comments on curated content to add tone and a framework to why the content was curated.

Let's call these curated comments "snippets" and the best tool I know for curating snippet content is The post explains why is my #1 content testing and content curation tool. So costs are one big reason content curation should trump content curation.

When we create we are in danger of talking to ourselves about ourselves. Since such circular conversations aren't helpful and they can be harmful I like to use content curation to inform what content should be created (about 25% of content in our "content calendar" is reserved for something we see and want to respond to from sharing curated content).

Content curation done well is the most disruptive Internet marketing strategy (i.e generates competitive advantage).

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Social Media Optimization of SEO: 7 Steps

Social Media Optimization of SEO: 7 Steps | Social Marketing Revolution |
This article explores the history of SMO, its relationship to SEO and 7 steps to optimizing your SMO.

Via Minter Dial, Gerrit Bes
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Solid and wide ranging atticle about how to optimize content and the social signals that support it. We know social signals are critical to SEO. We also know not all contnet is equal in its ability to engage social signals. This post provides ways to make sure your SMM is in line with your SEO (always a good thing). 

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