Death of Social Business Exaggerated Or Right? ScentTrail Marketing | Social Marketing Revolution |

Brian Solis is a great writer and even better thinker. In this post he argues C-level executives have all but killed the nascent social media revolution I agree and disagree with Brian and share experience of more than 30 years of working with and selling to the C-Suite almost exclusively (after selling bar soap and candy to Wegman's grocery store managers for a few years).

I changed my career by being intrigued enough by PCs that I purchased one with money I didn't have in 1984. That experience of seeing something so clearly has happened more than once now and the social media revolution Solis describes as hung up on a rock is one of those future visions.

Do I agree with Solis that our social media revolution hasn't met its promise and that many old school ways remain? Yes and no. I note, in the piece a few examples of the digital revolutions wrecking ball Actually the digital revolution turns out to be more water on stone erosion than wrecking ball and SMM looks much the same.