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It is now common for companies to develop Social Media strategies and to hire Social Media Managers in order to boost their online presence. But what can you really expect from Social Media Marketing?

Marty Note
Don't agree with every aspect of this "truth", but I have been working on a new concept about social media marketing that discusses means and ends. The means of social media helps find the wind to sail.

The ends of social media should be positive ROI. ROI can be difficult since attribution is something we don't currently have the tools to accurately measure and that is one truth this post skips over.

I also don't agree that social media's forward momentum stops the instant promotional efforts cease. Yes that is the way traditional one sided advertising works. No money no momentum.

Social media is a conversation so YOU the marketer are being changed by the interaction (if you are doing it right) and that benefit could pay returns for a long time. This is the means not fully discussed in these "truths".