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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Google+ Split: What Does It Bode for Future? via Mark Traphagen

Google+ Split: What Does It Bode for Future? via Mark Traphagen | Social Marketing Revolution |

.Horowitz confirmed that Google plans to split off Hangouts and Photos as their own products separate from Google+. Horowitz will be in charge of Photos and "The Stream," which is what he called the social network part of G+ in his announcement.While Google Product

Marty Note
Excellent post by Mark that confirms G+ is changing but unlikely to be junked. As I heard Mark propose in a speaking engagement - use G+ as a powerful engine and you get views, conversations and a great free tool that works FOR your content not against it.

Marijo's curator insight, March 3, 2015 11:28 AM

I'm always interested in news about Google, how about You? Here is a scoop of a scoop about G+ from Martin (Marty) Smith via Mark Traphagen.


Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Is Your Company A Social Media SNOB? Take Our You Know Your A Social Media Snob If...Test

Is Your Company A Social Media SNOB? Take Our You Know Your A Social Media Snob If...Test | Social Marketing Revolution |

Social Media Snob Test
The purpose of social media is to connect, to BE SOCIAL. Better to NOT be on social media than to be on social and look like an arrogant snob. Not being on social can be forgiven. Being a snob in this day an age is difficult to forgie.

You Know Your Company Is A Social Media Snob If...

* You follow less than 50% of your Twitter followers.
- Following a tiny % of your followers is the ultimate snobbery because it limits communication (you can't DM unless you follow) and you can't REWARD unless you follow. 
- When an expert in your area with 10x the following as your company has (at the moment) follows you FOLLOW THEM BACK!!

* You company doesn't Retweet.
- When you Retweet you share someone's take. You are saying, "this is good enough to share" and that statement is a reward and and a way to "mentor" your space.

* Your company doesn't respond to @yourcompany notes.
- Not responding in a timely way to @yourcompany notes is an EPIC customer service fail.

* Your company isn't on GPlus.
- Time to come in for the big win AND Gplus is the most disruptive social net because of its proximity to high yield SEO (duy its GOOGLE) and most business verticals are nascent on GPlus because there is a learning curve.

* Your company isn't having conversations.
- If you are still using social media to push messages without listening and responding you look either clueless or a snob (and neither of those are good).

* Your Company isn't on Instagram or Pinterest.
- Marketing communication is becoming highly visual so to not be on either Instragram or Pinterest is snobby since it feels like insisting we continue to do things the old "talk about ourselves to ourselves" way. 

* Your company isn't creating video.
- Video is highly widget-ized and so easy to share content. Video is also a more universal language. I may not speak english but video, done right, can be a cross cultural tool.  

* Your company[s SMM is highly scripted.
- Days of scripting every interaction with customers is long gone.  

Don't be a social media snob either by intention or ignorance because being a SNOB on social media is the wrong signal to send...always.  

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Infographic Social Shares Shows Rise Of Visual Marketing [note Pinterest Move]

Infographic Social Shares Shows Rise Of Visual Marketing [note Pinterest Move] | Social Marketing Revolution |
This infographic reveals some of the biggest recent trends in social sharing, including just how much Pinterest's popularity has grown.

Marty Note
Great infographic from my friend @Phil Buckleyshowing the rise of visual marketing a MONSTER TREND for 2014.

Mertens Marketing's curator insight, January 12, 2014 9:54 AM

In Europa werden 47% der Inhalte allein über Facebook geteilt, hinzu kommen noch mal 45% über Twitter. Den Rest teilen sich Google+, LinkedIn und -syurpriz (russ.: Überraschung)- VKontakt, das russische Social Network. Pinterest - obwohl es in USA bereits eine sehr große Rolle spielt - ist im Rest der Welt noch nicht so verbreitet.

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Year End Cool Tools Report: Twitter,, Gplus & Haiku Deck

Year End Cool Tools Report: Twitter,, Gplus & Haiku Deck | Social Marketing Revolution |

Social Media Marketing Tools
Team Curagami thought it would be interesting to look across the tools we love to use to see who is helping and how much:

Total Views
GPlus: 1.92M Views: 173,000
Haiku Views: 83,464
Twitter: ?

Use Time

Twitter: 6 Years Use: 3 Years
GPlus: 2 Years
Haiku Deck Use: 1 Year

Content Created
Scoops: 6,716
Tweets: 17,300
Haiku Decks: 38
Google Plus: 2,000 (estimate)

Following 34,000
Twitter: 5,355
GPlus: 4,397

Haiku Deck: Doesn't Offer Yet (have talked to them about this)

If your Apples to Oranges warning light is on we agree. There are so many variables with one of the variables being how each of these tools helps the others so comparison is somewhat moot.

That said here are some random thoughts about each social media / content marketing tool:

Twitter = Frustration
Twitter is always 3 steps forward and 2 back. Each day @Scenttrail ( and @Curagaqmi ( )gain and lose followers. Engagement is limited in this kind of "fire hose" marketing and for every 3 followers 2 drop off (I trim with JustUnfollow) despite my generally trying to follow everyone even remotely related who has followed me or us.

When we see Ashton Kutcher has millions of followers and treats what we work at so HARD as a big joke it's frustrating and maddening. I don't think any team can DO WITHOUT the "radio of the web", but its hard to grow a tribe there. Best to use Twitter for what it is good at - informing your tribe about what is happening now. = Following & Future of Content Marketing's ability to form a tribe is outstanding. The stumble comes when we try to figure out how to communicate with, listen to or curate from our followers. We think our "Magazine" Page: @Martin (Marty) Smith should be MORE IMPORTANT. has 1M users now. We would love to see more Hero Marketing similar to what Haiku Deck does so well. Where is the Top Curators list? Where are the stats showing the Top Scoops of 2014 on a variety of dimensions (share, links, views)? is sitting in the catbird seat since content curation is about to be the big win, but we would love a more proactive stance from Team That said, they've been KIND and GENEROUS adopting me despite tough financial times due to cancer treatments. Like Haiku Deck has a great team and they will figure it out.

Goole Plus
We LOVE Google Plus, but losing the charismatic leader Vic Gundotra was a shock. I love hangouts, but they are not enterprise ready full of creaks, pops and cracks when used. Not easy either. GPlus has a LEARNING CURVE.

On the positive side IT'S GOOGLE. I don't know anywhere else where a following of less than 5,000 can generate page views close to 2M. Content on Google gets seen, commented on and that's worth our investment and continued learning. 

Haiku Deck
For team Curagami the real revelation is Haiku Deck. We get MORE for LESS with Haiku Deck than any other social media tool (period, full stop). The fact that our decks, even the old sleepy ones, continue to generate new views is amazing.

Haiku Deck's adoption of our favorite online community / Hero Marketing idea is why our 38 decks are slouching toward 100,00 views after only a year and much less ditch digging than our first two years on We created a Haiku Deck about their creation of online community:

Haiku Deck Model

Yes, Haiku Deck is being helped by the entire ecosystem especially, but if you have ONE thing you can do create decks and pray.

Because no one can do ONE THING anymore (sadly). What about you? What are your favorite social media tools and why?

Neil Ferree's curator insight, December 31, 2014 4:58 PM

Metrics that Matter from an A+ Content Curator @Martin (Marty) Smith

Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Your Inspiration Web - The Web Design Community!

5 Killer Secrets to Instantly Increase Engagement on Google Plus [infographic]

5 Killer Secrets to Instantly Increase Engagement on Google Plus [infographic] | Social Marketing Revolution |

If like a lot of other small business owners you see Google Plus as just another social network and a waste of time you could be missing a trick. As the name suggests, Google Plus is owned by Google.

Marty Note
Like these 5 tips:
* Claim G+ Authorship.
* Include great images.
* Ask engaging questions.
* Use hashtags to increase search.
* Explore G+ communities & Hangouts..

Via Your Inspiration Web
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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

A Must Listen: Google+ Guru B. L. Ochman Hang Out Today 3:00 EST With @DonnaPapacosta

A Must Listen: Google+ Guru B. L. Ochman Hang Out Today 3:00 EST With @DonnaPapacosta | Social Marketing Revolution |

B. L. Ochman On GPlus, Life & Internet Marketing 
If you've never heard B. L. Ochman discuss Internet marketing and GPlus you've missed out. B. L.'s intelligent vision, deep understanding of GPlus and ability to tell a story as only a New Yorker can entertain, inform and amaze. 

B. L.'s humanity is what impresses me the most. She is beyond busy, as we all are, but makes it a point to support those who support her. When I met Seth Godin, back in the day, he was like that too. Over time and as a guru's dance card gets more full they lose intimacy with the little guy blogging his or her heart and passions.  

Betting that doesn't happen with B. L. since she is grounded, real and authentic. Keeping a healthy skepticism about oneself is the first rule of being able to stay in touch with those who got you to "guru" status in the first place and B. L. is healthy and skeptical (lol). 

I've never met B. L., but I like her immensely for her willingness to share, her creative vision and articulate definition of What's Next. Here is the link to today's hangout with Donna Papacosta  

Today (Friday) at 3:00 EST 

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