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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

We are SOCIAL Therefore We ARE: Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics on Social Nets [Infographic]

We are SOCIAL Therefore We ARE: Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics on Social Nets [Infographic] | Social Marketing Revolution |
Whether you use them for reaching potential customers, interact with people, or to generate content, Social Media is a power tool for businesses. Check out some of the most popular online networks and how much of an impact they each have.

Marty Note
Love being able to compare key metrics across social nets.Wish they had stayed with the SAME metric for time on site throughout however. They switch from days to months and that makes Instragam appear as if it has more time on site than Facebook (it doesn't).

Holly Knowles's curator insight, May 16, 2014 1:24 AM

These figures displayed in the infographic help show just how powerful social media sites are. Unsurprisingly Facebook has one of the highest amount of users  which could suggest when it comes to an IMC program and using social media, Facebook should be strongly taken into consideration alongside the other platforms shown in this infographic.

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

What Social Media Is Most Important To You?

What Social Media Is Most Important To You? | Social Marketing Revolution |

Most Important Social Media
Friend asked a great question but in the wrong way. Social Media isn't important to me in and of itself, but each social media channel can help communicate marketing messages and thus become valuable and important.

Key is "matching the hatch" to borrow a fly fishing term.

Matching the hatch puts the right kind of content, what Gary Vaynerchuk calls "native content', on each social net when THAT information is important to communicating a marketing message. Here is how I answered:

Depends on what I'm trying to accomplish.

If I want comments and discussion GPlus.
If I want feedback from friends Facebook.
If I want to generally test
If I want a "set it and forget it" content solution
If I have something happening now or want to newsjack Twitter.
To raise money on creative or gaming projects Kickstarter.
If I want to share videos YouTube.

If I want to serialize stories Storify.
If I want to test an infographic Pinterest. 
If I want to do something with audio then SmartCloud.
If I want to create sustainable and potentially "evergreen" content then I use WP blogs. Content becomes "evergreen" based on how it performs (views, shares, conversions).
If I want to sell something ecom then Shopify. 

Match the hatch to get the most from your content, your growing social media tribe, your time and content marketing and curation efforts.  

malek's curator insight, January 15, 2014 11:00 AM

It's the singer, not the song. Thrilling article about match the hatch for your content

Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Communication design!

45 Amazing Social Media Facts of 2013 [Infographic]

45 Amazing Social Media Facts of 2013 [Infographic] | Social Marketing Revolution |

Everyday Social Media numbers are growing, and here are 45 facts in an infographic by Digital Insights.

A few of the statistics:

40% of marketers use Google+, 70% desire to learn more and 67% plan to increase Google+ activities 42% update their profile information regularly on LinkedIn Every second 8000 users like some or other photo on Instagram 80% of total Pinterest’s pins are re-pins 4.2 billion people use mobile device to access social media sites 

Via Lauren Moss, Antonios Bouris
IOANNIS APOSTOLOU's curator insight, September 20, 2013 1:28 PM

One more excellent infographic!

Stephen Van Delinder's curator insight, September 20, 2013 4:19 PM

This pretty much sums it up. 

Bruce McDuffee's curator insight, September 25, 2013 11:30 PM

Interesting stats, but for the business marketer, does it convert to revenue?

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!'s Creates Best One-Two Punch In Content Curation: Adds Google+ Authorship & Page Posting's Creates Best One-Two Punch In Content Curation: Adds Google+ Authorship & Page Posting | Social Marketing Revolution |

HUGE NEWS adding authorship and the ability to post directly to a GooglePlus brand page is HUGE. I love BOTH tools for different things:

* GooglePlus rocks longform content and conversations.
* helps curate the REACH needed to do effective content marketing in today's Content Shock world.

By adding Google authorship creates benefits for the commons as the rising tide of all those well ranked authors tag up AND they give credit back to individual curators. Brilliant and a BIG vote FOR author rank. I believe is the FIRST major "commons" play to take this significant action.

The action is significant because it shares BACK benefit we, the curators who use, create. There are many "commons" around such as Facebook, Twitter and Kickstarter. Most "commons" feed off the power a user brings and multiplies it by the thousands or even millions using their platform.

This is why the "commons" forms the new math, the new "thank you" economy. Problem is most commons are all TAKE and rarely give back or they don't give back anywhere close to the value they've received. Today said they are willing to collaborate with their curators. BRAVO!

The other new feature, the ability to curate directly into Google brand pages, may make those pages actually work. I find it hard to remember to post beyond my personal page. This new feature will make it easy to curate content to CrowdFunde and Scenttrail.

My friend @Bill Gassettchallenged his GPlus army to use the other day. The reaction wasn't as enthusiastic as he or I would have liked (lol). Now there is NO QUESTION that the combination of G+ and makes a more powerful tool set than either alone. So I would challenge my big time G+ friends to add in since that rising tide will lift OUR BOATS :). M

Bill Gassett's comment, February 20, 2014 7:52 PM
Thanks for the mention Marty. I saw these awesome features a couple of hours ago!
oconnorandkelly's comment, February 21, 2014 12:42 PM
Pity one has to upgrade their account to access the service though ....
Carla Deter's comment, February 21, 2014 7:09 PM
Why, Yes it is huge news. Thanks for letting me know. Authorship all around works@ " adding authorship and the ability to post directly to a GooglePlus brand page is HUGE."
Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Why Google Plus Is NOT A Social Net But A "Revolution In Online Communication" with B. L. Ochman

Why Google Plus Is NOT A Social Net But A "Revolution In Online Communication" with B. L. Ochman | Social Marketing Revolution |

GooglePlus Rocks
+B.L. Ochman (@whatsnext) and +David F Leopold (@SmallBizDavid) created a great HangOut about +Google+ today. Several of B. L.'s statements struck me as beyond important including:

GooglePlus is NOT a social net but a revolution in online communication.


There has never been a TOOL like it.

This is a great Hangout with a very smart lady. At one point in the final third they discuss how GPlus is a major opportunity for fashion websites. I've done extensive research that supports that idea.

If you keep in mind the idea that GPlus is a tool not a social net it may be the most disruptive thing you can do within your business vertical no matter what it is (I have extensive research to back that up too).

Why kill yourself to catch up to someone who is just waiting for you machinegun in place on Facebook or Twitter when, in almost every case I've studied GPlus is a blue ocean of opportunity?

How did teams I've managed make over $30M online? It wasn't by doing what everyone else was doing exactly as they wre doing it I assure you :). Marty

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