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Marty Note - Life Going To the Dogs
Congrats to our friends at Durham, NC based Dognition for yet another amazing mention in last Saturday's New York Times. Dognition is a cool product. It's a Myers-Briggs personality profile for your dog.

How can you find out your dog's personality? Easy, you play with your dog just like you normally would, but this time you take some notes. Dognition is reporting amazing benefits from knowing a dog's personality including:

* Helps get rescue dogs adopted.

* Helps owners know how to interact with their dogs better.

* Trains owners (lol).
* Helps dog owners thinking about adopting another dog understand what kind of dog might be best.

We are helping out at Dognition and may be developing a IndieGoGo campaign to see how many rescue dogs we can get adopted (love that crowdfunding). Stay tuned and check out