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Have to admit I baited this trap a bit asking big time INternet marketing gurus who are also friends to weigh in on my Think Like A Game Developer and Why Semantic Web Is A Game post. 

Amazing Comment by @DavidAmerland . Here is my favorite part of Davi's comment:

In many ways these activities that had I tried to organize in the pre-semantic web, pre=G+ days would have taken a lot of effort and money, now just happened. We all gave a lot of our time and expertise into creating a valuable, learning resource because A. It drives our reputation (reputational gains in the semantic web) B. It adds to the G+ community (community activities in a connected world) C. It also makes us feel good. 

In many ways these were factors that turned the traditional value pyramid on its head and introduced the gift culture mentality that +Tim Rayner has frequently written about. 

+Michael Bennett rightly pointed out, as we discussed this, that what made it all possible was a combination of many small steps: blogger where some of the content was created, HOA technology than enabled me to have so many at such a little cost, GDrive where the post was hyper-curated and, of course, Google+ where the initial content was shared, we connected with each other and where the end result was also shared. Each of these is disruptive in its own right and catalytic in its effects. Taken together they become the online marketing equivalent of an "Arab Spring" they require a relatively low amount of effort to have a large, disruptive impact and cascading effects.