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UGC = Trusted, You...Not So Much
Love it when someone makes our +CrowdFunde points for us. This post, shared by +Phil Buckley, shows how Millennials trust #UGC  (User Generated Content) more than a website's marketing voice.

Duh, of course they trust #socialmediamarketing  and UGC since it is where they and their friends LIVE via their #smartphones . The CONVERSATION is the new means of mem transfer.

* Will be writing more about this for our blog

"Meme transfer" sounds confusing and dense, but if you think of your products as content and #SMM  as a way to share your content then you are already engaged in "meme transfer". When an article like this one points out who the next generation trusts - their friends on social media - every #Internetmarketer should take notice.

We've not only taken notice we are building a tool to harvest UGC called+CrowdFunde. Good news is Millenials (and soon everyone else btw) trust User Generated Content (UGC). Bad news? Millennials trust UGC and your website doesn't have a way to ask for UGC, analyze it once you get it or take an action based on it. OUCH!

That ouch is why we are spending +Triangle StartUp Factory's money to create CrowdFunde :). Marty   

Love it when someone confirms our thinking