Creating Community: 3 Great Tips From 2 Years as's Community Manager via @ alleygreer #cmgr | Social Marketing Revolution |

Marty Note
This is a great post from Alley Greer's Community Manager on the eve of her 2 year anniversary. Since are are all "Community Managers" now whether we know it or not Alley's post is a #mustread.

Alley's Tips:

1. When In doubt, ASK & Check In. 

2. We're All Humans (translated Alley is saying breakdown the barriers between YOU and THEM).

3. Be Transparent.

Alley shared a great stat. Once she adopted transparency via asking instead of assuming and checking in she was able to double the size of the community she manages (Scoopiteers). 

Asking and checking in creates community. When you begin to remove barriers between you and your customers good things happen just ask Alley :). M