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How To Moderate Social Media

How To Moderate Social Media | Communication & Social Media Marketing |
When you throw a dinner party, you dream of excellent company, good food, and constant conversation. Social media managers strive for the same thing.

The World Editor’s Forum recently published a guide and study on the area of comment moderation. This guide concludes with six pointers for publishers to “promote respectful dialogue and conversation rather than uncivil rants and insults, and allow intelligent, thoughtful input to shine”. So what exactly are these pointers?

More details at the link.

Via Lauren Moss
Nine0Media's curator insight, February 26, 2014 1:03 PM

Great tips here! #SocialMediaTools #DIYSEO #Nine0Media

Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, March 29, 2014 5:37 AM

If conversations are the new social currency we've got some tools, guidelines and social mores to create. Online conversations are a tad on the wild west side yet, but trolls and spam can't support themselves for long.

The cost any network built on conversations incurs to rid itself of spam and trolls could kill the golden goose. Community and social "policing" and hoping the good guys math is always just a little faster is the hope conversation based "dinner parties" depend on as roughly described in this "how to moderate" social media post shares.

By moderating we see what we already knew - mobile is different. Mobile requires maps, games and PICTURES.

Taylor Roy's curator insight, April 29, 2014 1:34 PM

We've made such incredible progress with technology over the past 10 years. This chart in the article shows the percentages of the platform that online content is used on. It starts with photos. only 8% of time with photos is spent on a desktop, while the other 92% are using their phone. From here, the mobile percentage decreases while the desktop increases. However we see platforms like maps, games, weather, and social networking being over 50% on mobile. The desktop percentage starts to be over 50% on online content like retail, entertainment news, business/finance, news, health information, and portals. While these are mostly used on a desktop, it doesn't mean that they are not used on mobile devices. Every piece of online content has a percentage of over 25% used on mobile devices. 

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