Edutopia's Top 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts for 2013; Described by Vicki Davis | Communication & Social Media Marketing |

Jim Lerman's insight:

Davis is one of my favorite go-to people in ed tech. She always shares great resources and offers tons of creative and thoughtful ideas to not just integrate tech with ed, but to improve learning across the board.

Davis offers a descriptive paragraph for each of the top 10, highlighting what appeals to her about each one. Click on the headline or the image above to go to the article's webpage. Links to all blog posts are located there.

Titles of the blog posts:

1. 6 Scaffolding Strategies to Use with Your Students

2. Teach with Your iPhone: Apps to Use in the Classroom

3. Doing it Differently: Tips for Teaching Vocabulary

4. Say What? 5 Ways to Get Students to Listen

5. Kids Speak Out on Student Engagement

6. 20 Ideas for Engaging Projects

7. 8 Tips and Tricks to Redesign Your Classroom

8. Top 5 iPad Apps for Teaching Across All Content Areas

9. 5 Quick Classroom Management Tips for Novice Teachers

10. Bell Ringer Exercises

Via Jim Lerman, Dennis T OConnor