The Hidden ROI of Social Media, making it worth your investment | The Social Media Learning Lab |

“How can I quantify my limited time and stretched resources and be assured of a return?”  … the short answer is, you can’t.  And, it still can be well worth it.

This short piece goes along with the ROI trend I've been curating in social media, and includes the author's two favorite examples of intangible but valuable return on social media investment


You cannot be assured of a definitive, predictable ROI from social media, no matter the size or your business or nonprofit.

This is true even if you are Proctor & Gamble, “the world’s largest marketer” (according toBusiness Insider) with a $10 billion annual ad budget.

P&G recently laid off 1,600 staffers in its marketing department to dedicate more resources to its social networks – but it’s impossible to know (yet) how this has affected sales.

1. Establishing yourself as a Thought Leader. Share your abundance of useful information that people want to read.  Examples with sizable social media followings:

  • Chris Brogan is a thought leader in social media, advising us in how to use social media and social networks to build relationships and deliver value.
  • Becky McRay of Small Biz Survival. She writes about small business and rural issues, based on her own successes and failures.” 
Read the full article here, including Julia Campbell's second example of engaging with dedicated Brand Ambassadors.