Reserving Social Media Names! Testimonial LookUpDetroit with Reveln at TEDxDetroit 2011 | The Social Media Learning Lab |
I love to help us help each other! Unplanned and before 9 AM, Richard gives me (Deb Nystrom, Reveln) a testimonial at TEDxDetroit 2011.

This is the link to Richard's impromptu video testimonial on YouTube, the SocMediaLearnLab channel.

It was a year ago at lunch at the Detroit Institute of Arts for TEDX2010 (my first TEDx.) It seems all kinds of thing can happen over lunch!

For more about lunch magic, there are more video testimonials and stories about kicking off learning via Social Media Learning Lab and Reveln Social Business.

Visit the site and you'll see how I use Posterous for a business platform.

There's LOTS of free info pages on the major social media platforms. (Kinda like ebooks, that are so plentiful these days.)

Thanks for stopping by! If there's a specific interest in social media and business that is of interest to you, feel free to left a comment.

After all, YouTube and ScoopIt are social! ~ Deb

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