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This post offer five ideas on what to talk about in LinkedIn.

LinkedIn can help you find new prospects and discover more about them before you even think about 'selling'.

Excerpted from | Joined Up Business Networking

What should I say in LinkedIn discussions?

It’s important to add to the discussions in the groups, rather than .. (lurking).

Respond to discussions where you have some knowledge, or experience; maybe answering a question on something you know a lot about, or have tried in the past (whether it worked or not), maybe you can recommend somebody that knows the answer.

What discussions should I start?
If you blog, using some of your blogs (not every blog) as the basis for a discussion 

Putting links to industry news that is related to your business and starting discussions on them. This is great as it doesn’t involve you in writing material!

Finding that material can be quite easy too....

Via Rami Kantari