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Scooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN!

Social Media Publishing is dead (as we know it) & ScoopIt, Content Curation is the Remedy

Social Media Publishing is dead (as we know it) & ScoopIt, Content Curation is the Remedy | The Social Media Learning Lab |

 Earlier this month, Facebook dropped a bombshell by not only acknowledging that Facebook pages’ organic reach was declining but also by telling us we should not expect them to recover.

Facebook’s VP of Product for Facebook Ads, Brian Boland, went on to explain that this is the new world we live in now, that the same thing happened with search engines before and that we’d better get used to it. It’s true that many platforms go through a similar cycle: first, they present a great free opportunity, then more and more people grab it - decreasing the return for everyone until finally, the platform focuses on those ready to pay for play.

It happened with Google Search; it happened with Apps (yes, Apple doesn’t sell ads but others do - such as coincidentally... Facebook). And now that all social media are publicly-traded company with ambitious revenue targets to reach, it will happen to social media as well.

So what does the decline of organic reach on Facebook and social platforms exactly mean on a practical basis?     Continue reading →

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Deb Nystrom, REVELN's insight:

The statistics and changes in Social Media, featuring Facebook and their filters are worth a good look for business marketing reasons.

This is a ScoopIt piece, emphasizing the ScoopIt platform's advantages for content curation. The research featured and the freshness of content shared, often shared by others a month or two later, is why I moved from the now defunct Posterous to ScoopIt. ~ Deb

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Scooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN!

SlideShare Trend Watchers! 10 Top Trends in Social Media | JeffBullas

SlideShare Trend Watchers!  10 Top Trends in Social Media | JeffBullas | The Social Media Learning Lab |
Social media was initially seen as a fad 2-3 years ago but is now embedded in the fabric of the web and it is impacting how business markets, communicates and publishes.


Via social media circles, Janet, it's great to run across this SlideShare from Jeff Bullas, trend watching . He's a trend watcher (back from shoe trend commentary in Italy) & a prolific, savvy sharer to watch in Social Media.

Here are a few excerpts from his post:

Trend #1 Social Mobile 

The synergy of mobile and social networks ...allow us to view our Facebook or Twitter account anywhere at anytime.  Numbers:

  • Current research puts the number of mobiles at north of 5.5 billion devices
  • 1,2 billion have internet connected phones (smart phones)
  • Huge growth potential
  • Create content for mobile devices
  • Design and develop websites and blogs for mobile viewing
  • Make it easy for viewers to act on that mobile content in a social manner (sharing)

Trend # 6 - Online Global Magazines & Super Blogs

  • Huffington Post – Politics and News
  • Mashable – SocialMedia
  • Engadget – Technology Gadgets
  • Business Insider – Business
  • – Celebrity
  • L.A. Now-Entertainment

Here's Jeff's slideshow for the full list.

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