Where content curation traffic comes from and 4 ways to increase yours | The Social Media Learning Lab | Scoop.it

Content curation is not just collecting, it's also sharing with perspective and commentary. ...we’ve analyzed all the content curated, published and shared through Scoop.it. This post is about sharing these data and learnings so you can be more effective with your content curation. 

4 take-aways anyone can implement:

1. Publish your curated content to a content hub before sharing it on social media: if you share it to social media only, you only get less than half the traffic and you lose a lot of the new visitors who are in your interest graph but not your social graph and that would come from Google Search.

2. Use a mobile-friendly content hub:  content consumption is growingly mobile.


3. Use services like Buffer to republish multiple times throughout the day on Twitter: yes, Facebook generates higher clicks but as smart curators have found, the perk of Twitter is it’s ok to repeat a post several times because of it’s real-time nature.


4. Automate content monitoring to achieve both quality and quantity: use tools like Scoop.it suggestion engine to be in the top publishers both from a quality and quantity point of view. 




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