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Rescooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN from Curation, Social Business and Beyond!

Who Are the Talkers, Influencers & Social Media Power Users?

Who Are the Talkers, Influencers & Social Media Power Users? | The Social Media Learning Lab |

Great piece by Lilach Bullock for Windmillnetworking - selected because its importance to your social business strategy.

Managing people and content is a challenge for all of us. The suggestions here help you to sort out who you engage with so your interactions are mutually productive.

Also note 7 Questions to Help You Locate Your Target Audience

Here are a few highlights:

Social Media Power User

Lilach Bullock: is a social media power user with 60,000 followers. Her favorite social media platform is Twitter. She suggests:


  • Listen to your followers
  • Observe their problems
  • Supply a solution
  • Share useful information that speaks directly to them.


People who are already talking about your products of services

Read Word of Mouth Advertising by Andy Srnovitz. In the book he suggests:

  • Create an exclusive community for your talkers
  • Give them exclusive content and everything they need to talk about you.
  • They need to feel special so exclusive content will drive lots of social traffic to you when it's shared by your talkers

Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"

Read the full article here: []

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Scooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN!

Open Space in 30 Seconds, Social Media and Community Power Change

Open Space in 30 Seconds, Social Media and Community Power Change | The Social Media Learning Lab |

The quick, transforming power of community has been evident with increasing frequency, it seems, in many recent high profile events in social media.

Several examples are described in this curation stream:

  • In contrast, JCPenny and the Ellen Show were timely, direct and clear in response to a One Million Mom's Facebook page protest of Ellen's selection as a spokeperson for the department store and featured good examples of the deft art and science of sensing and handling public opinion.

The organic nature of how social media speeds communication is also akin to ways that events, conferences and meetings have changed to include Open Space style formats.

This post is about using Open Space to explore the power of community within a traditional conference format.  As I'm facilitating an Open Space portion of our panel + Open Space event, I'll be one of the most curious to see how the organic, community oriented meeting format works within the context of  1) audience members, change practitioners, a number of whom may favor a project management oriented history and 2) the setting, a traditional conference setting.

Our conference topic:  Success Secrets of Trusted Change Advisors at the April 2012 Association for Change Management Professionals, (ACMP) conference described here.

I will be tweeting from the conference using the twitter hashtag: #ACMP2012 and one of my four twitter handles, @changetools.

If you are interested in Open Space, UnConferences and the like, read the full post for additional tools, examples and references for more info.

Social Media and Open Space have a lot in common, including having a sense of being renegade, permeable technologies that inspire creative, innovative actions.

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