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Scooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN!

The Proof! Power Words & Emotional Headlines Get Shared More On Social Media

The Proof!  Power Words & Emotional Headlines Get Shared More On Social Media | The Social Media Learning Lab |
What does it take to write good headlines? Headlines that are packed with emotional words and speak to mind and emotion get shared more on social media.

Posts with a higher emotional value got more shares. Period.

The Emotional Marketing Value is a score that looks to asses how a group of words follows these emotional harmonics, and how likely they are to elicit an emotional response from a reader.

Deb Nystrom, REVELN's insight:

I was helping a colleague understand a EMV, or "Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score. A tool online to test this is the Headline Analyzer here:

With this useful blog post and understanding more about good copywriting via EMV writing, you'll have more good tools to help you better use social media to share your message with the world.  ~  Deb

Scooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN!

ScoopIt Scoop: Curated Newsletters and MailChimp Integration

ScoopIt Scoop: Curated Newsletters and MailChimp Integration | The Social Media Learning Lab |

Seamlessly export your topic to a newsletter template or send to your email lists in MailChimp by connecting your accounts with the new MailChimp integration.

This feature is free with all accounts and is unlimited until April 15th. To access it, simply click “Manage” on your topic of choice and click “Create a Newsletter.”

From a press release:

About lets professionals, small businesses, educators and non-profits express their unique perspectives on topics that matter with beautiful topic pages, driven by content discovery and curation, social sharing and efficient content management.

With nearly 7 million unique visitors per month, users can reach a large audience, feed relevant content to their social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ and effectively build their online presence. For more information or to sign-up as a new user, visit

About MailChimp

MailChimp supports more than 2.5 million subscribers worldwide, sending 4 billion messages per month. MailChimp is designed for the do-it-yourself power user -- someone looking for all of the power of an enterprise application, but built for anyone to use. MailChimp integrates with many third party applications including Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite,

Pinterest, Instagram, SurveyMonkey, Eventbrite, Etsy, Salesforce, Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal and Google Analytics. And best of all, prices start at free. For more information, visit

Deb Nystrom, REVELN's insight:

This is great news!  It's also great timing for those of us who love to curate along several key themes.  ~  Deb

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Scooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN!

10 New Trends of Social Media

10 New Trends of Social Media | The Social Media Learning Lab |

Nice overview of where we've been and where we are headed.

Excerpts, adapted:

The year 2011 saw the emergence of 4G technologies with a higher broadband. This means faster growth for both entertainment and business enthusiasts.

Newer video platforms such as Viddler, Vimeo are fast gaining ground; bloggers can start streaming right away from their blogs.

Open Source [full service blogging] publishing applications such as WordPress, Serependity, Triptychblog and review sites ...are increasing in popularity as it allows users to maintain an online diary, weblog and a homepage.

Customer Reviews Sites have gained momentum in the social media arena as they can solve their complaints and answer their queries. An example of review site is that consolidates common user complaints which is forwarded to businesses for an explanation.

Social scanning applications used in smartphones are growing by the day. For instance, Stickybits and Bakodo allow users to add media such as video, text, images to the barcodes that can be scanned in physical world through the iPhone and Android applications.

  • The year ahead will see more of social media apps on our mobile phones. With mobile technologies becoming more user friendly, businesses will now be able to deliver specialized services thanks to location aware media services including the Facebook’s Places application.

Cutting edge presentation platforms rock business seasons... is one example. (DN: Slideshare is another,)

Social media dashboards are available that enable monitoring as well as participating in live conversations.  (DN:  I love Hootsuite for this.)

Question-answer services gain popularity. Facebook supports a question answer service such as - intelligent information search that utility collects question and answers created, edited and organized by users.

Social cause micro-blogging is another trend. Twitter share breaking news faster than the traditional media channels. (DN - Witness, Twitter's significant role in Arab Spring.)

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Scooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN!

How to Build a Successful Email List

How to Build a Successful Email List | The Social Media Learning Lab |

Local marketing and internet maven Annie Wolock has some great tips here.  


An email list is an important asset for your business. A properly obtained email list is filled with contacts who trust you and are likely to purchase from your business. I would advise staying away from buying email lists.  If you already have your email list, it still makes sense to continue your email list expansion efforts.

Build Your Email list Steadily, Over Time.

Basically, put good, valuable content on your site. This is the best approach, IMHO. This is the way a lot of companies build up their email list.  

Host Online Webinars and Collect Email Addresses at Registration.

While webinars are a great way to build your brand as an expert, they are an awesome way to increase your email list.

Downloadable Whitepapers

You’ll need to have some really valuable content for this to work, but if you do, people will give you their email address to get valuable information.

Other methods included in Annie's article:   Trade Shows and Incoming Telephone Calls

From Annie's twitter profile:
Think global, buy local. Internet Marketer, business woman making a difference. Annie Gets it Done - Since 1994 

Related posts & tools by Deb:


    Deb Nystrom, REVELN's insight:

    Annie has been in business on Main Street in Ann Arbor, Michigan for many years and know what works and what doesn't.  

    Many people don't categorize email as an element of social media and buslness building. If you think this, consider that anything digital, online, enabling connection and business building can be an essential building block to your socially empowered business.  ~  D

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    Scooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN!

    10 Reasons Business Blogging is Better than Facebook [Infographic]

    10 Reasons Business Blogging is Better than Facebook [Infographic] | The Social Media Learning Lab |

    A lighthearted 'Top Ten' list by Patricia Redsicker advocates why business blogging is better than Facebook marketing.

    From my own experience and in listening to digital strategists, it is generally best to drive all traffic to your website and mailing lists opt-in offerings.

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