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Nikki Little has shared a great slide deck on being proactive with LinkedIn via


If your clientele is well represented on LinkedIn, via the HubSpot example above, one sample of Nikki's slides, what are you waiting for?


Nikki shares examples step by step.


My own experience is that LinkedIn has been fruitful and rewarding in building my own client base over the last five years.


NOTE:  Nikki Little and I are both on the program at the upcomingSeptember 13th Women's Exchange of Washtenaw Forum 2012, Empower Michigan.


I've written more about the upcoming WXW Forum on my other mini-blog, via 


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Come join us!

Thanks again Nikki for the helpful Slideshare.

~ Deb


Check out my LinkedIn profile here if you want to see my own evidence of building connection and communicating on LinkedIn.  

I also run about 5-6 groups on LinkedIn, in my spare time.  Check out our OPEN, free Social Media Learning Lab group on LinkedIn here.

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