Top 5 Apple BlockBusters and Reasons iPad Rules the Tablets in 2013 | The Social Media Learning Lab |

If there's one thing that Apple has been getting right, it is their ability to create beautiful, easy-to-use blockbusters.

To build a great business, it's all about creating a great product that people love for how it improves their lives.

There’s much more to love about Apple than there is to hate,” says Cam Bunton, a technology blogger who confirms my own experiences of Apple’s top five products:

1. The iPhone  

2. The App Store   Who knew that an on-line app store launched by Apple in 2008 would be it.  Now I regularly update my apps, deleting some I don’t use, moving up the keepers to the front pages on my iPhone and iPad.  Cam says,“There are now over half a million apps, and the variety and quality is unmatchable.”   If there’s an app you want, it’s likely you’d be downloading it from Apple’s app store. 

3. The iPad   The 2013 statistics on the iPad, and my own analytics via Google,  blew me away!

4. The MacBook Air  ...without being a world traveler.  The Air is a full function, heavy duty computing machine with the heft of the classic Apple brushed steel cover, full keyboard and the great display of the MacBook Pro.  

5. The ever improving Apple iOS   ... the current iOS magnificent.  The seamless sync of my calendar, email, social media with my Google Apps works great.