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The average person spends approximately $134.08 on Valentine's Day festivities.

Each social network has its own etiquette, culture and style.



Remember: Each social network has its own etiquette, culture and style, so it's important to match your message to the medium.  

A sample of guidelines from Social Media Frontier:

Facebook  -  Facebook pages make it easy to build user engagement for your brand by running giveaways, offering samples and posting polls. ...MegaRed tied together a free sample program to Valentine's Day by allowing Facebook users to request a heart supplement (vitamin) sample for the people they loved.
MegaRed mailed both the user and their loved one a sample, and went a step further by tying the amount of samples they distributed to a charitable donation. In this example, the company took advantage of the holiday's theme and added a creative twist that tied in well with their brand.


Twitter -  Salesforce ...found that 74 percent of Valentine's Day chatter on social networks was positive.
Tweet ...about Valentine's Day specials,...
or by providing an intimate look at how your company is celebrating the day around the office.Quick Vine videos o...and Instagrams supplement your tweets.

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