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How to make bold text, italics, strikethroughs in Google+ posts." 


From MT Weekly.  Easy!   Using Google+ as a choice?  More here about choosing Google+ for your posts:  



There are two significant benefits of using Google+: 


  • First, social media in general is essential today to immerse yourself in industry knowledge and stay ahead of the curve on the latest trends in your field.  Google+ is a more organized, comprehensive tool than Twitter, and its more personalized than LinkedIn with more engaging features.
  • Second, when a potential employer Googles your name, your robust Google+ profile will show up. You can use it as a way to showcase your professional interests, personality, and industry savvy to stand out from the rest of the heard. Here's a quick job seeker's guide to using it:

It's a great addition to your social media belt. 

Source:  USNews Money


Personally, I find the use of Circles, robust and VERY smart.  Twitter lists?  Ahh, I have them and don't use them right  now.  ~  Deb