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If you are marketing on social media and you should be you are probably making some of these mistakes. Here's how to fix them from Gary Vaynerchuk, best selling author.





...[don't] post essays on Instagram.   ...the best social content is “native” to each platform...speaks the right language in the right place. ...blend your message into each platform’s unique style.

...Tumblr “attracts the artsy crowd and supports animated GIFs,” whereas Twitter “speaks to an ironic, urban audience.”

What’s the native language of the platform you’re trying to speak on? 


“Marketers are on social media to sell stuff.  Consumers...are not … If you want to talk to people while they consume their entertainment, you have to be their entertainment.”  ~ Vaynerchuk 


3. YOU’RE ALL “RIGHT HOOK”     ...customers appreciate brands that ...that put out great content without explicitly making a sales pitch.    Vaynerchuk says hashtags are like waves--and the best way to surf is to ride the wave, not create it...

....How closely are you listening on Twitter and following what the population at large is talking about? Are you listening for the wave and jumping onto it?   ....


5. YOUR TWEETS ARE INVISIBLE   ...people are still making the mistake of starting tweets beginning with an “@”--which makes the tweet invisible on your follower’s stream unless they are following that other tagged handle as well.

If you insist on starting a tweet with tagging another account, put a period in front of the “@” so the tweet is visible to all of your followers.



Maybe it is, but can you afford to ignore a social platform whose users send 400 million messages per day? ....

....Are you playing it safe and waiting for others to test the waters on these emerging platforms or are you rolling your pant-legs up and running into the water yourself?