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"You may have seen the shiny, new skills endorsement tools on LinkedIn.  Is endorsing a useful enhancement or a troublesome distraction?"

As a curator of tech topics in social media, this is one of my own posts with input from social media specialists on what they think of LinkedIn's new endorsements function.

Excerpts, Pros & Cons


It’s EASY.   It takes mere seconds to endorse one or more of your contact’s particular skills pulled from your contact’s profile. 

It RENEWS connections.   This could be a great way to affirm good things you know to be true from working with those well-known colleagues, clients and other contacts.


It might be TOO easy.  – The temptation may be to use the endorse function with those you met only briefly. 

Gaming for Influence via Junk Profiles:  Forbes Blogger, Pam Moore, writes:

  • Endorsements are of course good, when they mean something.

  • She describes her dismay when staff from  her team searched those claiming bragging rights for their social search ranking on LinkedIn via Twitter, and says that they were, “honestly shocked with the result.”

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