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Social is changing so rapidly, it's impossible to create a plan when you have a moving target. The only solution at this point in time is to dive in and learn quickly.\


"Don't plan social media just do it!"


 Jay Deragon - Excerpts:

  • As more and more conversations begin to impact business models, market relations and the supply and demand equations change.

  • Most executives are totally disconnected from the dynamics created by all things social.
  • Yet the same executives expect their managers to come up with a plan to use this thing called social media.

  • If you ask someone for a plan that neither you or they understand you’ll get a plan that doesn’t create anything new

  • What they know is not what they need to know.


  • The plan ought to be more about understanding, learning and adapting to the new marketplace dynamics that are changing your relationships with buyers

  • Doc Searle wrote The Cluetrain Manifesto which Jay mentions.  Review it!

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