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"It's being launched in an awkward early form of its development. was Siri, which is much better now.


Facebook’s graph search is going live for hundreds of millions of English-speaking users today, the first serious option for searching a social-media site that blocks Google’s access to much of its data.

Facebook claims its first foray into a powerful search tool will be a boon for its users, who will then stay on the website longer—and that, in turn, will be a boon to its advertisers. 


released Siri when it wasn’t quite ready for prime time. ...Siri much better now.


Can it learn to understand us?
Part of the alleged joy of Facebook’s graph search is the way users can just type in a question as they’d ask a person for the same information. A truly conversational search would give it a leg up on Google, whose basic search tool is based on keywords. ...early reports have found Facebook flummoxed by wrinkles in language...

Of course, systems like this are often bad at first; they improve by gathering data. That’s why Apple released Siri when it wasn’t quite ready for prime time. On the other hand, is Siri much better now

The other 3 questions:

Is it pulling the most relevant information?

Can it go beyond Facebook? 

Will it creep everyone out?

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