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Rescooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN from "IN-novation"!

Popcorn Maker: A Dead-Simple Drag-and-Drop App For Remixing Web Videos

Popcorn Maker: A Dead-Simple Drag-and-Drop App For Remixing Web Videos | The Social Media Learning Lab |

As an iMovie'11 fan , I look for a lot of sophistication in a fairly simply package.  Here's an easy app to remix web video simply with cool, easy to use tools.

It makes the most of video using multi-media enhancements like Google Maps, live twitter feeds and pop-up comments.


Popcorn Maker:

  • lets you grab almost any piece of common online media (like videos from YouTube or Vimeo, or SoundCloud audio files) and augment it with clickable interactive widgets.
  • enables paste "Pop Up Video"-style commentary bubbles over your favorite YouTube clip
  • helps you add more sophisticated interactivity like Google Maps, live Twitter feeds, and Wikipedia articles

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Scooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN!

Introducing Google Currents, video > Google's latest curation mobile app tool

"Google Currents is a new mobile app that lets you enjoy free online magazines and other content optimized for your Android or Apple phones and tablets - with the swipe of a finger."

Google's latest on the curation meme:  

"We strive to give you beautiful and simple ways to experience all the content the web has to offer, such as:

  • sharing photos on Google+, 
  • watching YouTube videos and 
  • discovering books, movies and music from Android Market."

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Rescooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN from business analyst!

CHART OF THE DAY: Instagram's $1 Billion Sale to Facebook In Context

CHART OF THE DAY: Instagram's $1 Billion Sale to Facebook In Context | The Social Media Learning Lab |
This is the biggest sale of a photo sharing service by a long shot.


I have Instagram on my iPhone.  I'm still a fan of the venerable Flickr, but Instagram is very easy & fun to use.  Simple and intuitive makes a big difference in iPhone apps, as well as apps suitable to Facebook posting. ~  Deb

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la surévaluation des rachats nous entraîne vers une nouvelle bulle ?
Rescooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN from Google Updates!

Why Google+ is a long term good idea: GoogleApps - YouTube

Why Google+ is a long term good idea:  GoogleApps - YouTube | The Social Media Learning Lab |

There are several good reasons not to pay much attention to the so-called demise of Google+, the new social media channel slated as a contender with Facebook. Yes, it's social, and so is YouTube, which Google owns and uses to reach out to a large audience (22,000) of social and tech-minded folks in this series of videos.

Google emcee's this tech leader event with Jonathan Zittrain, Professor of Computer Science Harvard School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, who talks about the first digital spreadsheets and the playful, hobbyists' spirit that found its way into enterprise IT, e.g. the Google ethos.


Here's the real reason that Google+ makes sense, eventually there will be powerful, artificial intelligence integration with a lot of good stuff, Google apps.   I have a Google calendar, as do several of my clients and business partners.  I have several Google email accounts, professional (branded) and personal.  I love that Gmail knows how to prioritize my load of email and 98% of the time gets it right. Many businesses are using other Google apps besides what I've listed as my go-to tools.

Bradley Horowitz (VP Product Management, Google) talks about
Google + as more than a social network.

"We aspire to build a different type of relationship with our users, creating a means for users to create who they are to return improved results and better quality of service."  

He mentions Google learning to provide value to user long term interests like kite surfing.  Google+ has plans to integrate Google docs in a Google+ circles. He says that:

  • search and maps will get better,
  •  your phone will get smarter, and 
  • Gmail will get even better.   

The video is here.

There's much more to come, and this channel is where to find out about Google integration directly from the source:  Google Apps:  "A channel for all videos about and related to Google Apps, Google's suite of communication and collaboration products for businesses, non-profit organizations, and schools."

Via Mary Schwander
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