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The band, Nickleback comes out strong in response to negative publicity and hater tweets. McDonald's, however, didn't do so well with negative social media.

Handling social media including negative comments is an art as well as a digitally fueled industry. Nickleback finessed negative social media and turned new attention to their music.

Negative AND positive reviews can add authenticity and ramp up selling power to services and products. The opposite can also happen, via negative comments than run a social media campaign off the rails, via the McDonald's example below.


In late 2011, people were petitioning to have the Canadian rock band Nickelback replaced as the headlining performance at the Detroit Lions vs. the Green Bay Packers Thanksgiving Day game. Nickelback still performed.


"You ruin my day when I hear your music." Nickelback replied, "How else could we cause you so much torment? So worth it."


People have taken to Twitter to express their disdain with the band. The difference now is that the band or whoever runs the band's Twitter account is replying to the negative comments.

One person tweeted "You ruin my day when I hear your music." Nickelback replied, "How else could we cause you so much torment? So worth it."

When another person tweeted, "Nickelback makes me want to chop my ears off," the band responded "Did you do it yet? What's the hold-up?"


Even "American Idol" alumnus Daughtry got in on it, replying to Nickelback and calling it "hilarious."


The band currently has more than 140,000 followers on Twitter.

McDonald's decided to interact with its customers on Twitter, but the plan backfired -- badly.

In a promotional campaign, McDonald's used #McDStories and #MeetTheFarmers hoping to have people reply with their positive McDonald's experiences.


  • One person tweeted about his brother allegedly finding a fingernail in his fries.
  • Another person tweeted about not liking the food, saying, "More than half a year since last McTerrible McFattening McMeal. I don't McMiss the McFood McOne McBit."

Within two hours, McDonald's pulled the hashtag. (DN: That probably means they pulled the promoted, for fee, tweet with a hashtag.)

Other company's mishaps with hashtags.

  • The Australian airline tried to use #QantasLuxury, but people responded with their horrible flying experiences.
  • Kraft's Macaroni & Cheese became a trending topic when people accused Kraft of using bovine growth hormone in its cheese.

via   photo credit:  Nickleback by ShaneMcEntee, Flickr