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Scooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN!

Social Media Survey with a Surprise: 92% Of Companies Using Social Media | Jeffbullas's Blog

Social Media Survey with a Surprise: 92% Of Companies Using Social Media | Jeffbullas's Blog | The Social Media Learning Lab |

Jeff Bullas spent a bit more time reviewing this Social Media report than he had planned, finding the "revelations compelling."  Those uses of the "R" word got my attention: Research & Revelation:

  • The study was focused on social media utilization – not on adoption.  It's how people and companies are using social media in a work context today.
  • Companies judge social media success by:
  1. Website traffic increase 61%
  2. Engagement with prospects 57%
  3. Brand awareness 54%
  4. Engagement with customers 50%
  5. Revenue 42%  (ROI is NOT the top spot)
  6. Brand reputation 42%
  7. Prospect lead volume 36%
  8. Prospect lead quality 33%
  9. Useful product feedback 23%
  • 46% of US adults now participate in social networks, and a quarter do so weekly, make it increasingly difficult to pigeon-hole social media as something relevant to only specific demographic groups or personal vs. work lives.

It's a juicy, hefty post.  But here's the surprise.  It was written in 2009!

A more current report:

10 Things You Must Know about the State of Social Media in 2011

features these factoids:

Social Networks “were” Superficial but are Now Serious Business

Social networking sites reach 82% of the world’s online user population.

  • In 2011, social networking accounts for 19% of all time spent online.
  • In 2007 it was only 6%

The global reach of social networking

China – 53%

USA – 98%

Australia – 96%

Growth & Platforms

  • One in every 7 minutes spent online is on Facebook
  • Twitter now reaches 1 in 10 Internet users. and is a significant real time news platform whenever a major news item breaks
  • Users aged 55 and older is the fastest growing segment in social networking usage.
  • Google+ became the fastest growing social network in history and reached 25 million users in less than 30 days.  (Facebook took 36 months & Twitter 33 months to reach that number.)
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Scooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN!

Reserving Social Media Names! Testimonial LookUpDetroit with Reveln at TEDxDetroit 2011

Reserving Social Media Names! Testimonial LookUpDetroit with Reveln at TEDxDetroit 2011 | The Social Media Learning Lab |
I love to help us help each other! Unplanned and before 9 AM, Richard gives me (Deb Nystrom, Reveln) a testimonial at TEDxDetroit 2011.

This is the link to Richard's impromptu video testimonial on YouTube, the SocMediaLearnLab channel.

It was a year ago at lunch at the Detroit Institute of Arts for TEDX2010 (my first TEDx.) It seems all kinds of thing can happen over lunch!

For more about lunch magic, there are more video testimonials and stories about kicking off learning via Social Media Learning Lab and Reveln Social Business.

Visit the site and you'll see how I use Posterous for a business platform.

There's LOTS of free info pages on the major social media platforms. (Kinda like ebooks, that are so plentiful these days.)

Thanks for stopping by! If there's a specific interest in social media and business that is of interest to you, feel free to left a comment.

After all, YouTube and ScoopIt are social! ~ Deb

My various places that I've put my history or contact info is here:


LinkedIn news: Deborah Nystrom

Change & Transition:

Social: Reveln Social Business

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Rescooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN from Google Updates!

Why Google+ is a long term good idea: GoogleApps - YouTube

Why Google+ is a long term good idea:  GoogleApps - YouTube | The Social Media Learning Lab |

There are several good reasons not to pay much attention to the so-called demise of Google+, the new social media channel slated as a contender with Facebook. Yes, it's social, and so is YouTube, which Google owns and uses to reach out to a large audience (22,000) of social and tech-minded folks in this series of videos.

Google emcee's this tech leader event with Jonathan Zittrain, Professor of Computer Science Harvard School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, who talks about the first digital spreadsheets and the playful, hobbyists' spirit that found its way into enterprise IT, e.g. the Google ethos.


Here's the real reason that Google+ makes sense, eventually there will be powerful, artificial intelligence integration with a lot of good stuff, Google apps.   I have a Google calendar, as do several of my clients and business partners.  I have several Google email accounts, professional (branded) and personal.  I love that Gmail knows how to prioritize my load of email and 98% of the time gets it right. Many businesses are using other Google apps besides what I've listed as my go-to tools.

Bradley Horowitz (VP Product Management, Google) talks about
Google + as more than a social network.

"We aspire to build a different type of relationship with our users, creating a means for users to create who they are to return improved results and better quality of service."  

He mentions Google learning to provide value to user long term interests like kite surfing.  Google+ has plans to integrate Google docs in a Google+ circles. He says that:

  • search and maps will get better,
  •  your phone will get smarter, and 
  • Gmail will get even better.   

The video is here.

There's much more to come, and this channel is where to find out about Google integration directly from the source:  Google Apps:  "A channel for all videos about and related to Google Apps, Google's suite of communication and collaboration products for businesses, non-profit organizations, and schools."

Via Mary Schwander
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Scooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN!

How I got started with the easiest blogging platform ever, Posterous: SocMediaLearnLab's Channel - YouTube

How I got started with the easiest blogging platform ever, Posterous:  SocMediaLearnLab's Channel - YouTube | The Social Media Learning Lab |

Here's how to use even your earliest video efforts and make them better. This was shot using my business partner's video camera. I have used it for teaching in two of my on-line social media classes regardless of not getting things quite right -- yet.

The most important lessons here for me were to:

1) Make it fun and educate yourself in the process,

2) Just DO it - walk past the excuses of not the right clothes, not the right time! Instead, seize the day, seize the moment.

3) Being a finisher in a world of starters... There are ALL those people out there who haven't tried, haven't done, haven't started.

You have evidence, with something like this, that you CAN get started and LAUNCH.

Here's the link to the video.

Note: This is my 2nd, business "YouTube" channel. I created it in about 30 minutes.  I have 3, including my first I use for fun.

This video was the first one I converted to play on this channel, and the second one I loaded here. It can be done!

I edited this VERY early effort to make it a little more instructional using iMovie'11

Remember to TAG your videos so they can be found easily on YouTube! You can also add annotations to your YouTube video that can be easily updated.

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