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Tools for helping journalists create content, keep it relevant and keep up with changing audience behaviour and technological advances.
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Flipboard's build your own mag feature

Flipboard's build your own mag feature | Social media kitbag |
Your Social Magazine. Available for iPad, iPhone & Android.
helpingmedia's insight:

I've been playing with the new Flipboard Magazine tool and started building a personalised magazine about the Media's Future, dragging in random articles that catch my eye and which I want to store and share. Now I am trying to figure out how useful and disruptive this new version of Flipboard (2.0) could be. Please share any experiences/comments/ideas below.

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Flipboard for iPad

Flipboard for iPad | Social media kitbag |
iPad tools for journalists.

Flipboard on the iPad enables you to personalise your news consumption around your social media feeds and preferred reading.

Please share any experience below where this has been useful for news gathering.
more...'s comment, March 26, 2011 11:59 AM
Thanks that sounds good - I was wondering whether Flipboard planned on doing something like that. Another thing that would be great (long-term) is if they "sort" the material into pages of related stuff - I have very disparate groups of friends, some in Afghanistan, some in Egypt, some in media in the US, some who are hikers in Georgia... so it would be nice to have them in "sections" someday
helpingmedia's comment, March 26, 2011 12:01 PM
Yes, I have acheived that by creating Twitter lists of followers in categories - such as Caucasus, Africa, etc. Then, in Flipboard, I create a page of that Twitter list so that I only get tweets from that specific group of people. David's comment, March 26, 2011 12:26 PM
right - I haven't gotten that organized yet with Twitter - plus, can't see any way in Flipboard to use multiple Twitter accounts, which is a big drawback since I manage five!<br/><br/>topically it's really FB that I need to manage --- and I also admin three FB pages, so.....