Three Ways to Plan a Social Media Whisper Campaign | Splash Media | Social media influence tips |
A social media whisper campaign is traditionally a method of persuasion in which damaging rumors are spread about the target. For example, you may have heard about a little conflict last year between Google and Facebook, in which a major PR firm was hired to spread negative information about Google.

But did you know that there are positive, ethical ways to orchestrate a social media whisper campaign? Here are three methods of getting people talking about a company’s product/services in a good way:

Tease a new product or services offering by asking your employees to use their own social media networks. For example, a car dealership could ask members of its sales staff to tweet, “Big things coming from ABC Auto next week. You won’t want to miss this!”Send samples of your product to customers and request that they post about them. Just make sure the recipients are transparent about getting the product for free. For example, a cosmetics company could send 100 of their new lipsticks out to 100 customers, and request that they post on Facebook about their experience: “ABC Cosmetics sent me a free lipstick last week! I’ve never had a color stay on for so long.”Ask your customers to share pictures of your product or a snapshot of themselves at your company’s location. Social media is all about interaction and engagement, so seeking feedback about every aspect of your organization is vital. A dentist’s office could encourage patients to post pictures on the company Facebook page of their “post-cleaning grin.” Again, full transparency is crucial – there is no shame in requesting endorsement or engagement. Just be up front about it.

When planning a social media whisper campaign for your company, consider asking users to tease to your new releases and share their experience using your products or services. Be honest about your promotional intentions and be sure to thank users for their participation. And like anything in social media, have fun!