Facebook users get a Flipboard-like magazine with NewsMix | Social Media Headlines | Scoop.it

NewsMix launched its Facebook app today, which will allow people to follow posts from their fan pages in one, consolidated digital magazine.


You know the saying “fall through the cracks?” Well, Facebook’s news feed is a content chasm. Interesting posts from your liked pages can fall to the bottom and are often ignored, even though the content might be good. NewsMix takes your liked pages, whether they are news-oriented or not, and forms them into your own curated magazine within Facebook.


“I really think Facebook should fix the problem of … the news feed,” Francois Bochatay, chief executive of NewsMix’s parent company Sobees, told VentureBeat. “What we tried to fix is getting the news in one place. There should be another place for the friends.”...

Via Enriched By Code , Martin Gysler