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Wow, I realized today that has helped build a community that is 30% as large as Twitter in 20% of the time and half the effort (granted that is a judgment call and not in the data :).

Twitter - 1,800 followers since 208 (5 years)
Scoopit - 630 followers since 2011 (1 year)

35% of my total Twitter community built in 20% of the time.

The Revolutions may have lost some people who subscribed on, but I haven't noticed. Twitter churns 5% of my @ScentTrail community a day. There are Twitter accounts set up to unfollow the minute you follow (had fun toggling an account set up this way the other day). Twitter's list churn is 100% greater than

Spammers & Trolls
Part of this big churn number is the people using Twitter for spam. Let's knock on wood together as we note how blissfully spam and troll (people who say mean things just to get a rise) free is.

Effort Level
Twitter takes much more work EXCEPT when I use as the master manager. I manage 4 Twitter accounts and @Scenttrail ( ) is the easiest because it is tied to my

SEO Value
Twitter had great SEO but their inability to be bought or play nice with Google has vastly reduced the power that was there in 2008. I haven't done the research to know how badly content supported by Twitter has fallen, but it FEELS like it has reduced its SEO power footprint since my Twitter feed pulled a PR5 within weeks of going up., on the other hand has done great earning absolute #1 on "Curation Revolution" since I put it up.

I'm not saying drop Twitter. I am saying is producing more results for less effort and is earning its place right in the middle of all of my social marketing as I stated in a ScentTrail Marketing post a few days ago:

Likes and Likes of New UI

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