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Robin Good: Storynation is a collaborative publishing platform which allows you to easily assemble and curate existing Storify stories, as well as any other type of content (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram and more) into a cool-looking web magazine.


It is as if Storify had Scoopified itself, by adding to its great content curation service, a new publishing layer offering anyone the ability to create a full-fledged and great-looking web site. 


From the official site: "A Nation is an online community on any kind of topic.


It's a space where you and other people add into a storyboard social stories.


Customize your Nation like a blog by uploading a logo, and a large cover. 


What's a Storyboard ?

A storyboard is an online set of Storify stories curated by you. After opening your Nation, Storination allows you to compile into a storyboard your stories and other people's stories created in Storify.


It's very easy to organize your storyboard by adding or removing stories."


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Via Robin Good